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10 Best Beaches in St. Thomas

Reshma Jirage Aug 28, 2019
St Thomas is the gateway small island of the Virginia Islands in the Caribbean. It is popular for the gorgeous beaches with their crystal blue waters, white sand and serene atmosphere.

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With activities like surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming and other water sports St Thomas beaches are for everyone from adventure lovers and families to romantic couples.

Magens Bay

Located on the Northern coast of St Thomas, this horseshoe-shaped beach stretches about 1 mile. Sandwiched between two mountains, Magens bay boasts of picturesque tropical beauty and warm, crystal-clear water.

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The place is perfect for kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding or even snorkeling, when allowed.

Sapphire Beach

Located on the East end of St Thomas, Sapphire Beach offers a perfect balance of relaxation and water sports like snorkeling, surfing and kayaking.

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With a wide stretch of soft sand and amazing shades of blue waters, this beach gives dazzling views of St. John and offshore cays.

Coki Beach

This pretty beach is located on the Northern Coast of St Thomas Island. Due to its warm, clear water, Coki Beach is famous for swimming, diving, parasailing and snorkeling.

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During snorkeling, you will witness thousands of rainbow-colored fish swimming through attractive corals.

Brewers Bay

Located next to the University of the Virgin Islands, this untouched paradise is on the South-western coast. Bordered with palm trees, it is an extremely clean beach.

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Its clear, warm and shallow waters make the beach ideal for snorkelers and swimmers. You can enjoy good food from the vendors.

Secret Harbor

Secret Harbor is a small, calm, pretty beach, located between the cruise port terminal and red hook on the Southeastern coast of St Thomas. The rocky coastline on the right side has a big population of many colorful fish.

Bolongo Bay

The features of this Southeastern beach are tranquil waters and peaceful atmosphere. Bordered with palm trees, this beach provides best snorkeling at the rocky shore. You may also enjoy other water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding.

Lindquist Beach

It is one of the prettiest beaches in the Eastern side of St Thomas Island, located between Sapphire Beach Resort and Windham Sugar Bay Resort.
A line of coconut trees and sea-grape trees along the seashore give natural shade. You enjoy playing, sunbathing or simply stroll at the beach for some me time .

Limetree Beach

This isolated beach is perfect for those, who wish to have a peaceful day. Located on the Southwestern coast, the beach is ideal for sunbathing and the rocky shore is best for snorkeling.

Lindberg Bay

Named after a popular aviator, Lindberg Bay is located in the Southern coast of island. Also known as Emerald Beach, it is a beautiful, serene town beach.
It features a long stretch of soft, white sand. You can enjoy kayaking, windsurfing and paddle boarding on this active beach.

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Though not good for snorkeling, you may enjoy swimming in warm, clear waters. There are many good restaurants on the beach shore, offering tasty snacks and drinks.

Hull Bay

Located on the Northern coast, this off-beat beach is a favorite beach of locals and fishermen.

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Its rough Atlantic waters are perfect for surfing. A beautiful coral formation gives a wonderful snorkeling experience.