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10 Best Lighthouses to Visit in California

Swarali Jambhale Aug 20, 2019
When on a trip to California, visiting lighthouses is a must! Witness their outdoor nature and know the deep historic stories rooted in their 300 year old structures!

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Alcatraz Island Light

Plan a tour to Alcatraz Island and get fascinated by the history of the 95 feet tall Alcatraz lighthouse!

Point Bonita Lighthouse

This still active last manned lighthouse on the California coast was the third to be built on the West Coast!

Battery Point Light

Withstanding the trembles of earthquakes and tidal waves, the “Crescent City Lighthouse” is a registered California Historical Landmark!

Piedras Blancas Light Station

Looks odd? Yes, California Coastal National Monument’s Fresnel lens is removed and kept on view on the Main Street near Cambria!

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Pigeon Point Lighthouse

One of the tallest and most beautiful on the West Coast, the 115 ft tower is still an active coast guard!

Point Arena Lighthouse

145 steps gaining the height of 115 feet up and you are at the top of Point Arena Lighthouse for the breathtaking views!

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse

The present lighthouse structure is “one of the most complete light stations in the United States"!

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Point Reyes Lighthouse

The most dramatic and a harsh place, Point Reyes is the windiest place on the Pacific Coast!

Point Fermin Light

The lighthouse does not stand alone but is a part of a Victorian-style house!

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Point Montara Light

The only American lighthouse to gesture seafarers on both the coasts of the country!