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10 Best Sparkling Rivers in Missouri

Home to more than 100 rivers, Missouri, the 18th most populous state in the US was named after the Missouri River!
Swarali Jambhale Aug 2, 2019

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Missouri River

The longest river in North America is the 15th longest in the world with 3,767 km length to boast.

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Mississippi River

The Mississippi river with 3,730 km length is the second-longest river in North America!

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White River

One of the most famed rivers in the Missouri for fishing, the 722-mile river has North Fork for the best of fishing!

Des Moines River

Des Moines river is almost 525 miles long, sharing its part with the Missouri-Iowa border!

St. Francis River

The 426-mile long tributary of the Mississippi River is famed for whitewater rafting and kayaking!

Black River

The 300-mile long waterway is just perfect for floating and fishing trips.

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Gasconade River

The world’s crookedest river and the longest river flowing just in Missouri is 280 miles long!

Osage River

The 276-mile long tributary of the Missouri River is the 8th largest river in Missouri that offers a wide range of paddling opportunities.

Meramec River

The 218-mile longest free-flowing river in Missouri allows a beautiful float trip to explore Missouri!

Chariton River

Also known as “Grand Divide”, the 218-mile-long Chariton river is the most channelized river in Missouri.