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10 Best Things to Do in Breckenridge, Colorado

Priyadarshini Bopardikar Aug 23, 2019
Breckenridge is a beautiful landscape in Colorado. It has amazing snow-covered mountain peaks offering exciting snow games, hiking trails, scenic lakes and much more. It also boasts historical museums. If you are a hiker, biker, adventure lover then this place is best for you.

Barney Ford House Museum

This Victorian house is a museum in the name of Barney Ford. He set an excellent example of how your destiny can be rebuilt - from a slave to becoming a successful and prosperous person.
There are stories on the achievements of Mr. Ford. The entry to the museum is free and it is open except a few holidays.

Hoosier Park

Welcome to Hoosier Park, a gem in itself and wow place for mountain lovers. The natural beauty at this spot makes for a perfect photo-op.
There are hiking trails that lead their way to Continental Divide. This point has a park county with old river valley on one side and mountains in the forest on the other side. Check the weather well in hand before arriving here, snow or rain might take place.

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Mohawk Lake

Mohawk Lake is one of the best wonders in Breckenridge located in Tenmile Mountain Range. Enjoy the mild snowfall and relax at the lake. Some tourists opt for trek on the mountains.

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A call for hiking and adventure lovers! Hikers can enjoy their way on trails, although a little care is required especially during snowfall.

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Carter Park

Welcome to Carter Park - an ultimate destination for snow lovers! Plain snow covered area besides the snowy mountains is complete in itself.
Tourists can enjoy snow games and have food at picnic tables provided here. Also, there are party halls that make for a family get-together. Warm clothes become mandatory due to the winter.

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Colorado River

Welcome to the sixth largest river in Colorado. Colorado river is a great place for river rafting. Tourists can get the raft on rent from Bullhead City.

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This river calls for fishers and bikers. The headwaters area in Upper Colorado is best known for fishing.
Explore an exciting activity - the Hydrobike adventure. It is a guided and paid half-day tour that makes you learn about this river. Children and adults can enjoy the wildlife, emerald cave and gaugers home site. This trip includes tasty lunch and evening snacks as well.

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McCullough Gulch

Are you an avid hiker, adventure lover? then McCullough Gulch offers its best to you. The initial part of trial is little difficult, but still manageable.
However, if kids are also there then little care has to be taken and it is best to check the weather conditions before coming to this spot. It is recommended to carry hiking boots for hiking.

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Then comes the waterfall. The joy of viewing waterfall after two third of hike, which is a bit challenging, but it's worth the effort. Especially for kids, their joy has no bounds when they play in the water accumulated at the foot of waterfall.

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Further part of hike is little less difficult following which comes the Alpine lake. Tourists can sit and enjoy the silent water at the lake.

Colorado Main Street

Colorado Main Street is an interesting place surrounded with restaurants, cafe, bars, and museums. Shopping lovers have an ample scope to shop here.
The sound of flowing river in the background is simply mesmerizing. The street is very clean and the tourists will get to see buildings built in old style as well.

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Relish is one of the best restaurants on the Main Street. And having food here would be a great experience, as they serve delicious food. The staff service is also very prompt.

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South Park Forest and Plains

South Park Forest is an ultimate weekend destination for a couple or an entire family. There's no fear of the wildlife so tents are available, but with prior booking. Tourists can set up fire pit or gas grill to enjoy cooking in the forest.

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Putting up campfire in the evening with a music around and twinkling stars in the sky would put another feather to romantic couple's date.

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Breckenridge Ski Resort

This resort offers a thrilling experience to all the tourists. With a variety of skiing paths, people of all ages can enjoy skiing at their fullest. Get assistance from the staff here while skiing.
Post skiing, there is an arrangement where visitors can enjoy homemade tasty and delicious barbecues.
A visit to Victorian village completes the trip leaving a traditional mark. The buildings of old style in this village takes you back to history. Feel good by these adorable little buildings.


Carbondale town is beautiful landscape at the heart of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. This unique place has a lot of treasures stored for you to give an experience of 'being in paradise'. This town was titled as 'Creative', due to this art gallery.
The West Elk Loop is a jewel in itself, with breathtaking mountains on one side and river with calm water on the other - feel lost in its natural beauty. It's better to visit this place during the day. Tourists can attend interesting festivals in July here.