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10 Cool Things to Do in Clearwater, Florida

Swarali Jambhale Jun 24, 2019
Home to celebs like Lisa Marie Presley, Hulk Hogan, Jim Morrison, Clearwater is just picture-perfect for a vacation. Having the world's largest speed boat, it is also the best place to retire!

Dip Your Toe in The Clearwater…. Beach

Once rated as nation’s #1 beach, Clearwater beach is the one you were dreaming about!

How About Sky Surfing Aviation!

Sky surf in an aircraft and get a lifetime experience of sitting in a pilot’s seat and spotting dolphins, sharks and turtles from new heights!

Hop on the Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise

Sink into the sunshine and relish into the evening vistas of Clearwater beach while you hear pirate stories, and shake your leg to some music!

Go Fishing Day and Night on Pier 60

People here celebrate the sunset like a festival with music at Pier 60. Credits to this most attractive and well-equipped bait house, the Clearwater beach was named as the Best Place to Watch a Sunset by US Today!

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Visit the Moccasin Lake Nature Park

Moccasin Lake Nature Park is a 50-acre nature preserve. Home to rehabilitated raptors, this park offers trails, exhibits, hiking courses and much more.

Have you watched “Dolphin Tale”?

Clearwater Marine Aquarium was the place used for filming the story of Winter (the whale), still residing with its co-stars Hope and Nicholas! The non-profit rehabilitation organisation endorses safekeeping of aquatic life.

Are You a Fan of Performing Arts?

Ruth Eckerd Hall is a must-visit performing arts venue in Clearwater. The hub features performances and sells out 2,000 tickets at ease!

Watch a Show at Capitol Theatre

Owned by City of Clearwater and run by Ruth Eckerd Hall, the now Nancy and David Bilheimer Capitol Theatre is one of the oldest still-operating theaters in the state! It features comedy routines, band performances, cinema showings, and more.

Shop at Cleveland Street District

On the top of a 30-foot bluff, with your hands full with shopping bags and stomach full with delicacies, take in the stunning views of Clearwater!

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You Cannot Miss The Beachwalk

Walking along a row of palm trees, a bunch of antiquated ice-cream parlors, boutiques and art and craft shops make you halt to browse for souvenirs.