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10 Cool Things to Do in Pasadena, California

Swarali Jambhale Jul 1, 2019
A combination of classy old souls with historic perspectives who value art is what Pasadena, the city in California is. In the habit of getting a revamp, the city manages to take care of its history.
Visit the Rose Bowl Stadium, the home field for UCLA.

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Gaze at the glory of the Pasadena City Hall.
Have a gala time on the Colorado Street Bridge but don’t suicide!
Lose yourself in The Huntington - either in the library, the art collections or the botanical gardens.
Book your tickets to explore Jet Propulsion Laboratory well in advance!
Ice Skate at the Pasadena Ice Skating Center.
Take the efforts and be a part of an interior tour of Castle Green!

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Hike to the Eaton Canyon Falls.
Come what may! Catch a show at The Pasadena Playhouse.
Tour one of the National Historic Landmarks of California- The Gamble House.