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10 Free Things to Do in Nashville

Gaurav Kadam Jun 29, 2019
Nashville, also called as Music City, the city is a center for music, health care, publishing, banking and transportation industries. It is a delight for tourists as there are innumerable things to do, free of cost!

The Parthenon

The Parthenon, located at the Centennial Park, is a replica of the original one in Athens. It also serves as Nashville’s art museum. Take a stroll to admire the beautiful sculpture.

The Nashville Flea Market

Held on every fourth weekend at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds, it is considered as one of the best markets in the country. Here you can find everything from antique furniture, carpets, jewelry to handmade clothing, beauty products and perfumes.

The Warner Parks

Edwin and Percy Warner Parks, collectively known as ‘The Warner Parks,’ spans more than 3,100 acres of forest and field. While you are here, visit the organic garden and the natural history museum. There is also a butterfly identification class for nature lovers.

Tennessee State Museum

The museum will surely enrich and engulf you in the history of the city. It houses social, political, economic, and cultural history of Tennessee and its citizens. There are paintings, historic weapons among other things.

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Fannie Mae Dees Park

Also called as ‘Dragon Park’ due to a huge mosaic dragon, this park is perfect for children. There are even large play areas for soccer and tennis. There are swings in the park which specially-abled children can also enjoy.

Midnite Jamboree

It is a radio program launched in 1947 by a country singer Ernest Tubb. You can attend the show on Saturday nights and enjoy the fabulous performances of established stars as well as the up-coming artists.

Honky Tonk Highway

Located on Lower Broadway, it is a row of bars pumping live music into the streets from 10am to 3am, every single day. People here believe that the music must be shared, hence this amazing concept!

The Nashville Library

Apart from wonderful books of various genres for bibliophiles, one could also check out the surreal architectural structure and the beautiful courtyards. The library even has clubs for book lovers!

Frist Art Museum

Also known as ‘The Frist Center of the Visual Arts’, it is situated in downtown Nashville. Built in 1930s, the museum also serves as Nashville’s post office building which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory

Operated by the Vanderbilt University, it is named after a donor Arthur J. Dyer. This astronomical observatory serves as a teaching tool with a mission to develop an interest in science and engineering among youngsters.