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10 Interesting Things to Do in Martha’s Vineyard

Priya Johnson Aug 13, 2019
Known for being the place the movie 'Jaws' was filmed, Martha's vineyard began as a temporary religious retreat that is today prized as a National Historic District. A perfect getaway destination today, this island is prized for its vast shoreline, picturesque scenery, and so much more.

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Sunrise and Sunset View at the Lighthouses

Martha's Vineyard is home to 5 lighthouses; built to guide people to and from the islands. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset behind these gorgeous lookouts.

Oak Bluffs Cottage Tour

This fairytale town showcases 330 Victorian-styled cottages lined next to each other.

Cottage Museum

Visit the Cottage Museum for a glimpse of the typical interior of the iconic Oak Bluffs cottages. Also, pick up souvenirs from the museum shop.

Historic Flying Horses Carousel

Open during the summer months, this 1876, historic carousel was actually brought from Coney Island in 1884, and is the oldest operating platform carousel in the US.

Outdoor Church Service at Iron Tabernacle

This wrought-iron tabernacle was built in 1879 is the largest covered outdoor performance space on the island. Besides the weekly church services, a number of concerts and lectures are also held here.
The best time to visit the island is in August during the Annual Gingerbread Cottage Tour, when 6 iconic fairytale cottages are opened to the public.

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Picnic at Ocean Park

With the beautiful Victorian houses of Oak Bluffs as the backdrop and a stunning ocean front view, this public park is a wonderful place to have a picnic.

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Martha's Vineyard's Vast Shoreline

The beaches to the Northern side are calm, while the beaches in the south of the island are ideal for surfing, etc. Since some beaches are not open to the public, check before you go.

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Sunset Boat Cruise

Enjoy a calm, slow cruise through Edgartown Harbor, watching the picturesque view of the island and the iconic lighthouses as you sail past them.

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Black Dog Sail Cruises

Black Dog Tall Ships take you on three-hour cruises, which allow passengers to help the crew raise the sails, and even man the wheel along with the captain.

Seafood at Menemsha, Fishing Village

Menemsha is a popular little fishing village on Martha's Vineyard, which is a great place to feast on fresh and delicious seafood.