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10 Smart Tips To Not Miss the Ball Drop in Times Square, New York

Swarali Jambhale Oct 22, 2019
Just a ball drop, back in 1907, but now a global tradition, the 60 second descend has set records in New York that eats up 50,000 watts of power to make the drop happen!

Plan It Out

Unplanned new year eve at the Times Square is surely going to leave you in ruins! Check out the Times Square website for just every detail.

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Arrive Early and Get Lucky

The Eve Ball is raised on the flagpole at 6 pm. Be there even before 5 pm as the lights and shows begin at 8 pm!

Don’t Swindle Into False Tickets for the Eve

The Times Square on New Year's Eve welcomes its visitors for free!

Gear Up With Your Stomachs Filled Already

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No food carts and vendors will be waiting for you there!
But if New Years Dinner at the Times Square is the plan, book tables before hand!

Look at the Weather and Dress- It’s Mid Winters

Dress up in layers as it is going to be too cold and windy to bear the breeze that eve!

What Not To Take

Knapsacks, large bags, and umbrellas are strictly prohibited. 
Just a small bag with some munchies and winter coverings would be a smart move.

Be Prepared for the Long Wait

The wait of 8-9 hours is worth facing the frustrating times, for the ball drop will reward you with scenic vistas of the ever-going tradition!

If you know somebody, reach out!

Connect with someone who can help you out on the New Year's Eve! Use your connections to make your celebration go easy.

Restrooms - A Problem!

This sounds silly, but matters the most! Go before you comeNo portable restrooms nearby are the reason of the eleventh hour rush! You don't want to miss out on the once in a year global phenomenon!

Hydrate….but not too much

On your legs for almost 8-9 hours, your body will need water to keep up! But too much of water will make you go in search of non-existent restrooms!

Quick Tips

** Consider alternatives and find out ways and be ready to be a bit merciless on your pockets to see the Ball Drop, if you arrive late!

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** Smuggling booze is not allowed, so don’t risk your New Year celebration.
** Be whip-smart and don’t take your private vehicle as parking will be a task. Use public transport.