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10 Stunning Small Ship Cruises to Alaska for 2019

Swarali Jambhale Aug 29, 2019
Sink into the fresh air with your arms raised and stand on the front tip of the cruise looking at the endless horizon of the Alaskan waters… Cruising does the soul a lot of good (though not to your pockets), but just try this once in a lifetime!

Le Soléal

Sail on the polar regions of Alaska with all the luxury! Just 264 passengers allowed!

Safari Quest

Safari Quest lets you explore the wilds of Alaska. Being just a 22 passenger ship, clearly it offers intimate stays!

Le Boréal (CDP)

The sistership of Le Soléal, hosting 264 people, Le Boréal gives a rich yacht-like ambiance.

Safari Endeavour

Ample of relaxing space and view points is what Safari Endeavour is, because it is limited to just 84 passengers!

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Wilderness Adventurer

Explore the nature hideaways with this expedition vessel carrying 60 passengers on her!

National Geographic Quest

100 passengers enjoying the tropical landscapes and polar passages with utmost comfort is what this state-of-the-art ship offers!

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Alaskan Dream

Lesser the passengers, more is the comfort, only 40 passengers in the cruise!

Baranof Dream

Just 49 passengers and the yacht is all yours! Be accompanied by interesting minds and learn about the Alaskan wilderness.

Admiralty Dream

Run by true Alaskans, the 58 passenger cruise is surely going to go secret ways in the waters of Alaska!

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Chichagof Dream

The 74-passenger cruise is just renovated, has to be perfect!