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10 Things to Do in Laguna Beach

Ketki Dongare Jun 20, 2019
Life is better in Laguna Beach. Away from the hustle and bustle of California's finest cities, Laguna Beach is a quaint town left untouched. With a coastline extended upto 7 miles, get your weekends busy with a short getaway to this "Beach" town in Orange County, California.

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Welcome to Laguna Beach, the “Beach” town.
Cruise along, in the Laguna Beach Sea Life with giant blue whales and dolphins all year around.
Now stationed at Main Beach, the Historic Lifeguard Tower, built in 1929 was a part of a gas station.
Sit at the bluff top beach park and enjoy the sunsets overlooking the Crescent Bay Point Park.
Go on a free-ticket ride of the Laguna Beach Trolley to explore Laguna Beach.
Take The Historical Bungalows tour of the Murphy-Smith Historical Bungalow, and other vintage homes in Laguna Beach, and comprehend on their existence.
Built in 1971, the Pacific Marine Mammal Center is a one of a kind rescue-rehabilitation center for the marine mammals. Must visit for animal lovers!
Learn to swirl and sample some of the best handcrafted wines for it's a 'Fine-Dine-Wine' experience at the Laguna Canyon Winery.
Get hold of a Laguna Beach map, and pace up on a Self-guided Art Tour. Don't miss out on the display of art and sculptures on the beaches.
Tune into the Heisler Park Rockpile Amphitheater for live performances or just wander about the blufftop for scenic views.
Get all outdoorsy and hike or bike in 20,000 acres of coastal canyons at Laguna Coast Wilderness Park.