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10 Things to Do in Little Havana, Miami

Priya Johnson Sep 11, 2019
Little Havana, a vibrant Latin-American neighborhood in Miami, Florida is known for its Latin-inspired architecture, music, and food. The streets of Little Havana are known for the wafting aroma of Cuban coffee and cigars.

La Casa Trucos Costume Shop

Miami’s oldest costume store, this place is a must-visit in Little Havana. This store is a haven for all kinds of magic tricks, pranks, and costumes.

Choose from an array of over 15,000 different costumes and take home unique gifts and souvenirs.

Viernes Culturales

Experience the true culture of the land at the arts, music, and culture festival held every last Friday of the month.

The artwork display, traditional music played by live bands and dancing is definitely a treat. You can also purchase a variety of local souvenirs here.

Maximo Gomez Park

Built in 1976, this park has chess and domino tables spread all across it. You will find the locals battling it out over a cup of coffee and chatter. If you’re up for it challenge the locals to a game; beware they really know their stuff!

Exquisito Chocolate Factory

Miami’s first chocolate factory offers a large variety of chocolate bars and truffles. Tours around the factory are offered every weekend.

The most unique thing about this place is the edible painting class; painting with chocolate. Chocolate and truffle-making classes are also offered here.

Cuba Tobacco Cigar Company

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This cigar-manufacturing shop is a piece of Cuban history. Enjoy a tour around the place and watch how these local Cuban cigars are rolled as per the Cuban tradition. Purchase a few cigar boxes here and if you don’t smoke, take some for friends back home.

Taste Little Havana’s Cuban Coffee

Every city has its own twist to this simple beverage, and Little Havana is no different. Cuban coffee is traditionally prepared with sugar and is typically strong and sweet. If you prefer no sugar or less sugar, make sure you let them know when you place your order.

Azucar Ice Creams

The best way to beat Miami’s hot subtropical climate is by treating yourself to its gourmet ice creams and sorbets, served at this iconic ice cream parlor.

Choose from an array of over 100 flavors, the most popular of which is the Cuban-snack inspired Abuela Maria (vanilla-based ice cream combined with delicious guava paste and tea cracker).

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Tower Theatre

Built in 1926, this Art Deco Tower is one of Miami’s oldest, iconic monuments. One of the city’s first movie theatres, it screens popular, selected movies both in English and Spanish.

The rates here are much cheaper compared to newer theatres. This place can also be rented for special events.

Food Tours

Experience the flavors of authentic Cuban cuisine, all the while learning about the history, culture, and tradition of land at local food tours.

On these food tours, you’ll also get to visit Cuban artists, cigar shops, and interact with locals, making this gastronomic journey an overall memorable experience.

Los Pinareños Fruteria

This open-air market has been around for the last 50 years. It’s a must-visit simply because of its fresh produce.

Treat yourself to some of the Latin-inspired fresh fruit smoothies. The market gained a lot of popularity after being shot in an American commercial.