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10 Things to Do in South Padre Island for a Great Beach Vacation

Aishwarya Karwa Jun 24, 2019
Set in the Cameron County, one of the top beach destinations in Texas, South Padre Island is a beautiful tropical beach with gleaming waters, rich wildlife and a beautiful shoreline.

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South Padre Island has a 34-mile long shoreline and spectacular sandy beaches.

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Amble Along the Laguna Madre Nature Trail

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Situated between the South Padre Convention Centre and Laguna Madre Wetlands, the trail is a perfect place to see about 300 bird species in their natural habitat.

Visit the Sea Turtle Inc.

Sea Turtles Inc., a popular attraction in South Padre Island, operates to rescue and save injured as well as endangered turtle species.

See the Birding and Nature Centre

Visitors can walk along the 3,300+ ft. boardwalk and see a wildlife documentary in its 5-Story viewing building.

Watch Dolphins at Dolphin Research & Sea Life Nature Centre

Visitors can spend some quality time with these ingenious marine creatures here.

Enjoy a Sailing Trip on Southern Wave

While on South Padre Island vacation, a sailing trip on southern wave, sunset dinner cruises and snorkeling are a must-do activities.

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Have Fun At Schlitterbahn Water Park

Also, you can gorge on delicious meals at restaurants, chug the beer at the bars on the Schlitterbahn Beach Resort.

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Enjoy the Adventures at South Padre Island Adventure Park

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Experience the Heart-Pounding Thrill of Skydiving

A spine-tingling experience where the jumpmasters will help you glide through the pencil-thin air.

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Take part in the Water Sports at South Padre Island

You can’t have a truly amazing beach vacation if you don’t try water sports. At South Padre Island watersports, vacationers are offered rentals and lessons on kayaking, paddleboarding, flyboarding, surfing, kiteboarding, etc.

Visit the Museums of Port Isabel

There are three complexes for the visitors to explore – The Point (Port) Lighthouse, the Port Isabel Historical Museum and the Treasures of the Gulf Museum.