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11 Amazing Things to Do in Mobile, Alabama

Ketki Dongare Jun 28, 2019
Mobile is a perfect destination for a city break within the States. From being the flag bearer of Mardi Gras in the U.S., a home to the USS ALABAMA Battleship, and various historic sites, there are a ton of things to do and see around in this quaint city.

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The port city, once known as the 'Paris of the South', is located on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Mexico.

Advance Yourself with Mobile, Alabama's History

The First Mardi Gras

When you hear of "Mardi Gras", the only place that pops in your mind is New Orleans. But did you know that Mobile is the official flag bearer to this festival in the U.S.

Historic Districts

Historic Districts is a grand neighborhood of the downtown and midtown Mobile with architectural historic homes including 7 nationally recognized historic places.

Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

Built in 1929, the cathedral is an envision of Bishop Micheal Portier, who was pronounced as the first bishop of Mobile.

Rich Cultural Heritage - Museums of Mobile

History Museum of Mobile

Explore Mobile's 300 years worth history along with the artifacts and special events, at this National Historic Landmark.

The Fort of Colonial Mobile - Fort Condé

What is now a major tourist attraction of Mobile, Fort Condé was of strategic importance for over 100 years, while defending the city of Mobile from the British and Spanish.

Mobile Carnival Museum

Take a step into the World of Mardi Gras, and keep the carnival spirit on at the Mobile Carnival Museum.

Sightseeing and Attractions to Visit

USS Alabama Battleship

Docked up at Mobile Bay, the USS ALABAMA is now a WWII Memorial. Take a self-guided tour of the majestic war ship, which played a crucial role during the WWII.

Bienville Square

Centrally located in Mobile's Downtown, the Bienville Square is a conservation site that showcases the natural aesthetics, architecture, and history of the city.

The Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center

Here's a place of fun and entertainment for kids and families. Educate your kids and yourself with some science, math, and technology based interactive exhibits.

Dauphine Street

Filled with exuberance and vibrant colors, the Dauphin street is dotted with restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops, aplenty.

Bienville Bites Food Tour

Indulge and savor on the trademark delicacies of Mobile, and experience the tastes of each dish, as passed down from generation to generation.