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11 Best Things to Do in and Around Rapid City, SD

Vinam Pachkhede Sep 9, 2019
Situated on the eastern edge of the Black Hills National Forest, Rapid City is South Dakota’s second largest city. Visit the Caverns, Dinosaur Museum, Reptile Gardens, Story Island and a host of other popular sites in the region.

Chapel in the Hills

Replica of the Borgund Stave Church in Norway, you'll find incredible wooden carvings on this building. It's best visited in the evening during the vesper service.

Reptile Garden

See the 15 different reptile displays. And grab some tribal crafts at the 'Old West Ghost Town,’ and a ‘Jungle Outpost Gallery'.

Storybook Island

Take your kids to the dream playground and spend a day with their favorite fairy-tale characters.

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The Journey Museum and Learning Center

Trace the history right from the formation of black hills over 2.5 billion years ago to the continuing saga of the Western Great Plains. 

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Mt Rushmore National Memorial

Situated at Keystone, feel the essence of patriotism while admiring the majestic 60 ft face carvings of four of the presidents of US.

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The carvings include effigies of four presidents of the US, George Washington (1st president), Thomas Jefferson (3rd president), Theodore Roosevelt (26th president) and Abraham Lincoln (16th president).

Black Hills Caverns

These 3,400 ft long caves include popcorn crystals, helictites, stalagmites, purple amethyst, and boxwork. Choose to explore either by Adventure Tour or Crystal Tour.

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Firehouse Brewing Co.

The city's oldest running brewery is uniquely decorated with firefighting objects. Enjoy live music every Friday and Saturday.

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Old MacDonald's Farm

Spend some family time at the farm while bottle feeding animals and enjoying pony rides.

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Bear Country USA

Spot different mammals like lions, buffoons, black bear, wolves, reindeer, and many more at this drive-through wildlife park.

Dinosaur Park

Discover the depression era at this park that houses seven replicas of dinosaurs, created on the basis of the fossils found in SD.

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Art Alley

Stroll through the 6th and 7th street of the downtown to see different types of art using anything that is available like, dumpsters, walls, pipes, spray-paints.