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11 Fun Things to Do in Baltimore

Priya Johnson Dec 2, 2019
Nicknamed ‘Charm City’, this Maryland city is a treasure trove for art aficionados with its unique art museums, historic monuments, art festivals, etc. The sheer magnitude of art imbibed into the city’s culture is phenomenal.

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Top of the World Observation Level

Located on the 27th floor of the World Trade Center, the world’s tallest pentagonal building is Maryland’s exceptional observatory.

Here, you can enjoy a magnificent 360-degree panoramic view of Baltimore’s skyline from the stationed binoculars.

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The American Visionary Art Museum

This unconventional museum is quirky inside out and has been designated as America’s National Museum for the self-taught artists.

The exhibits in this urban wonderland revolve around the artists and the stories behind their art. Take home quirky souvenirs from the gift shop here.

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Fort McHenry

A national monument and historic shrine, this fort commemorates the 1000 Americans who defended the city and country from the British attack during the war of 1812.

Enjoy guided tours, watch the changing of the flag, and take part in a variety of educational programs held here.

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Baltimore Water Taxi

A fun and affordable way to enjoy the Harbor, and soak in gorgeous views of the city is by taking a ride on the water taxi. Interact with the friendly locals and the helpful boat crew.

Baltimore Indoor Sky-Diving Experience

If you’re too stressed to jump out of a plane, this indoor sky-diving experience is ideal for you.

You enter a vertical wind tunnel that simulates the outdoor sky-diving experience. However, it’s an expensive activity, so make sure you check the rates before going.

National Aquarium

One of the largest aquariums in the US, this aquarium is home to over 20,000 marine animals.

Blacktip Reef, Living Seashore, Jelly Invasion and Dolphin Discovery are popular highlights. The special showing of sea horses is also remarkable here.

Historic Ships in Baltimore

National Historic Seaport of Baltimore is one of the oldest ports in the country. Four impressive military vessels floating at the harbor are worth checking out.

Each of these ships has a story to tell; learn all about their history on the guided-tours provided.

Enjoy Crabs at Crab Shacks

Steamed blue crabs seasoned with the traditional Old Bay seasoning is the highlight of this city.

Crab shacks here provide picnic tables covered with newspapers, where people can freely crack their crabs with mallets and knives. You can also go on a crabbing charter tour, where you can experience catching these crustaceans.

Spend the day at Patterson Park

Built in 1827, this iconic green haven has a rich military history and showcases some interesting historic monuments. Victorian-style ‘Pagoda’ is the highlight of this park; you can climb to the top of the Pagoda and enjoy a view of Baltimore.
Spend the day exploring the park. Enjoy different activities at the park’s swimming pool, boat lake, ice-skating rink, casino, stadiums, playgrounds, etc.

Stroll around Hipster Hampden

This cool Baltimore neighborhood is home to the hipster community. You will find all kinds of quirky shops, pubs, boutiques, etc. This charming neighborhood has been shown in various John Waters' movies, which has added to its popularity.

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Maryland Science Center

This Science Center is a fun, creative and interactive place to spend the day. Surround yourself with amazing scientific exhibits and activities and learn all about various scientific principles.

A major highlight of this museum is the ‘catapult’ in the Chaos Cafe, used for food fights.