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11 Incredible Lakes in Washington

Washington is a paradise for aquaphiles. The Evergreen State is endowed with nearly 8,000 lakes. Soak up the beauty of this amazing place with these amazing lakes.
Ritika Khandelwal Aug 6, 2019

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Lake Washington

This large freshwater lake cannot be avoided by anyone traveling around Seattle. Bill Gates owns a mansion in this vicinity and you can cross the longest floating bridge in the world here.

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A stroll, run, boating, sailing, sightseeing, great food, beautiful vistas and tons of parks whatever you like, Lake Washington probably offers it.

Lake Wenatchee

Situated in the Wenatchee National Forest, Lake Wenatchee is a glacier and snowmelt-fed lake.
Just a few miles away is the Lake Wenatchee State Park, where the visitors can enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery, and endless activities.This experience is worth setting an alarm for.

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Lake Chelan

Located in the Chelan County, it’s the third deepest lake in the United States and 26th in the world.

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Surrounded by beautiful vineyards on both sides, Lake Chelan is an inescapable Washington wine terrain.

Green Lake

Located in Seattle, Green Lake is a freshwater lake.
The lake is the center and focus of the Green Lake neighborhood. Many types of wildlife creatures can also be viewed here.

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Lake Sammamish

Located in King County, this freshwater lake has many parks within its vicinity that offer many recreational water-sports activities.

Lake Quinault

Enjoy the hiking trails and beautiful view of the giant trees from the  glacier-carved Quinault Valley of the Quinault River.
On either side of the lake there’s a tourist area called Quinault Rain Forest, also the lake is home to the historic Lake Quinault Lodge.

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Diablo Lake

Originated from Diablo Dam, Diablo Lake is located between Ross Lake and Gorge Lake on the Skagit River. The charismatic blue-green hue of water comes from the glacial rock ground to a fine powder.

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Hike from Diablo Lake trail to get a closer look of the lake. So kickback, relax and enjoy the tranquil beauty of the lake.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake makes for a nice quiet escape. It is only 0.80 km south of the Canada-United States border and is partially fed by melting of the Silver Glacier, there are enough options for camping here.

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Lake Sutherland

You’re in for a real treat at Lake Sutherland! Enjoy your stay by waking up to the stunning lake and mountains, take a dip in the warm lake and paddle around to enjoy the scenery.

Soap Lake

An extremely alkaline lake with mineral-rich water, the water in the lake gets the soapy appearance through its naturally occurring foam (hence the name).
Historically a healing lake, many people apply Soap Lake’s mud to their body and also bath in the lake to awaken the effectiveness of the body's healing power.

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Lake Cushman

Formed in a deep glacial claw-mark carved along the Skokomish River with clear water surrounded by dramatic trees. Lake Cushman is truly a remarkable spot for you.
Come to these lakes because nothing is more beautiful than nature.