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11 Marvelous Waterfalls in Ohio

The Buckeye State has plenty of scenic waterfalls waiting to be explored.
Ritika Khandelwal Sep 20, 2019

Berea Falls

Located in the Rocky River Reservation, Berea Falls is a scenic cascading waterfall with strings of historical arched bridges. You can also see some amazing waterfalls and streams nearby.

West Milton Falls

Feel the tranquility in the burble of the running water and enjoy the secluded nature of this beautiful cascading waterfall based in the town of West Milton.

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Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls is the most popular attractions highlighting the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

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A trail or a boardwalk will bring you into the naturesque waterfall gorge which lets you view the majestic falls and the breathtaking foilage.

Lanterman's Falls

The historic water mill, stunning covered bridge and the perfect trails will together make a memorable visit to the waterfall. Stroll in the Mill Creek Park to witness some breathtaking views of the nature.

Upper Old Man's Cave Falls

Old Man's Cave in Hocking Hills State Park is a popular destination with the beautiful waterfalls. A 1/2 mile trail will take you to the amazing 15-20 feet upper falls, whose water descends into an incredible gorge.

Lower Old Man's Cave Falls

A downstream hike from the Upper falls will lead to beautiful 25-30 feet high, Lower Falls. You can experience an incredibly scenic beauty with numerous waterfalls around.

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Blue Hen Falls

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A short and easy hike from the steep trailhead will take you to the simple yet elegant waterfall tucked into a little cove. Below this falls, a much larger and finest waterfall awaits you that is ...

Buttermilk Falls

Yes... A downstream walk from the Blue Hen Falls will reward you with the beautiful Buttermilk Falls which is in a secluded little glen with milky white appearance.

Robinson Falls

Flowing within Ohio's Hocking Hills Region, Robinson Falls, a.k.a Corkscrew Falls, approx. 12-15 feet tall is a secret secluded waterfall with wonderful landscapes.

Devil’s Bathtub

A bowl-shaped basin forming amazing whirl is surrounded by the scenic landscapes which lets you encounter some amazing experiences.

Ash Cave Falls

Native Americans left behind a huge stack of ash and hence it was named as Ash Cave. The waterfall spills from the rim of horseshoe-shaped cave and only runs during the spring.
Ohio will present you several hidden-gems and you won't stop gawking at these glorious falls.