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11 of the Best Things to Do in Richmond, VA

Ishaan Govardhan Jun 29, 2019
Other than a sense of close-knit community and rich heritage rooted in the nation's history, Richmond of Virginia has a lot more in store for its visitors.
Why not start with a crash course on the history of the entire region at the Virginia Historical Society? At this museum you’ll learn how Richmond was home to several pivotal moments of US history.
Visit the final resting place of many American luminaries (including two Presidents) - the Hollywood Cemetery. Fallen ranks of Confederate soldiers lie here as well.
Designed by Thomas Jefferson himself, the Virginia State Capitol building is a sight to behold. It also has several statues and monuments worth checking out - like the Civil Rights Memorial.

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An integral part of the Civil War history, Richmond has many memorials dedicated to that era. You can even take part in a realistic reenactment of the Battle of Richmond at Battlefield Park!
If walking or driving around is not really your style, just opt for a guided Segway tour of the city’s historic landmarks.
Visit Richmond's St. John's Episcopal Church, where Patrick Henry gave his famed speech.

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Of course, Richmond offers much more than history lessons for you and your kids. You can have fun kayaking and canoeing on some stretches of the James River.
Don't miss the annual Richmond Folk Festival - a celebration of the melting pot of diverse cultures that makes up America. From music and dance performances and film screenings to storytelling and foodie events - there's something for everyone.
An achievement of the Renaissance Revival style of architecture, the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart stands in stark contrast to the quaint little brick row houses Richmond is known for.
Spread over 50 lush acres, the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is frequented by tourists and locals alike. Keep an eye out for this domed conservatory, as you stroll among the blossoms.
Go on the Richmond Beer Trail spanning over 20 local craft breweries. This epic beer crawl has put Richmond on the map as one of America's finest destinations for beer-lovers!