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12 Things to Do in New Jersey

Are you looking ahead to have some fun in New Jersey? Here you can view a list of meticulously chosen things to do to make the most of your visit.
Sweta Gupta Sep 4, 2019

Cape May Lighthouse

Situated on the tip of Cape May, this lighthouse gives you a mesmerizing view of the ocean and the bay, making it a major attraction for visitors.

Battleship New Jersey

This Battleship is a landmark in marine history. It offers overnight camps, tour packages and is an ideal space for meetings and social gatherings.

Liberty Island

The island is included among the three ‘Oyster Islands’ situated in New York Harbor. It is a worthwhile experience to visit this monument.

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Jersey Shore

Spanning over 90 miles, it is one of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in New Jersey. It offers a great opportunity to unwind and relax. The beach provides bird-watching and fishing experiences.

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Pine Barrens

A beautiful sunset at the place is not be missed.
This heavily forested area is also known by the alias names Pines or Pinelands. It spans more than 22% of the land area of New Jersey. It houses ancient deserted towns like the Batsto Village.

9/11 Memorial

This landmark is a memorial in the honor and remembrance of the 2,997 people who were killed in the terror attacks dated September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center.

Adventure Aquarium

Located just a few minutes from Philadelphia, it showcases more than fifteen thousand aquatic species. A fun place to explore and a great hangout with family and friends.

Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park

This historical park was established in 1792 and is situated on the Great Falls over the Passaic River. The stunning sight of Paterson’s Great Fall can be viewed via Mary Ellen Cramer Park.

George Washington Bridge

A true marvel of engineering, the George Washington Bridge spans over the Hudson river. It is one of the grandest among all existing bridges till date.

Ellis Island

Situated on the upper New York Bay, this island has a museum worth visiting.

Steel Pier

It is an amusement park built in Atlantic City. It is around 1,000 feet long and a small distance away from the well-known resorts.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

This area lies on the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It is a wonderful place for activities like camping, canoeing and fishing.