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13 Incredible Places Worth Visiting in Minnesota

Vinam Pachkhede Aug 28, 2019
Minnesota is sure to enthral you with its beautiful rivers, diverse landscapes, awesome water sports, and scenic natural parks. Also, the must-see museums will tell you the remarkable history of the state.

Pipestone National Monument

Created in 1937, many of the handcrafted material was made by the stones extracted from this sacred quarrying spot. Visit the information centre for cultural demonstrations.

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Voyageurs National Park

Park is very near to the Canadian border and boasts natural beauty. Enjoy activities like kayaking, fishing, hikes, biking and spotting wildlife creatures.

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Mall of America

Located in Bloomington, this shopping destination has around 500 stores, 50 restaurants and many amusement-centric activities.

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Split Rock Lighthouse

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Situated at the North Shore of Lake Superior and built in 1910 was used to protect the ships at the lake. Look out for many hikes, pebble beaches, museums, and viewpoints at the park.

Cathedral of St. Paul

This 100-year old building is the National Shrine of Apostle Paul.
With an impressive interior and space, the church looks looks gorgeous when illuminated at night.

Itasca State Park

Enter the heaven consisting of more than 100 lakes, 45 camping sites, and red pine forest. Visit the Mary Gibbs Mississippi Headwaters Center and Jacob V. Brower Visitor Center to know everything about the park.

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Get inspired by more than 89,000 artworks spanning around 20,000 years old from six different continents.

Minnehaha Falls

Situated in the Minnehaha Park, the falls are 53-ft tall. Continue the fall trails through the stone bridges that leads up to a beach.

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Minnesota History Center

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Experience history coming alive through the recreated historical events and interactive exhibits at this centre. Explore the model of ‘Sod House’ situated at the centre.

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Landmark Center

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Originally, the building served as the Federal Court House and Post Office, today, is a cultural center of the state. Visit the Gallery of Wood Art and Schubert Club museum inside this center.

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Science Museum of Minnesota

Check out the collection of nearly 2 million artifacts and objects from all over world. Watch the amusing Omnitheater films.

Historic Fort Snelling

Built during the 1800s, the fort sits at the sacred confluence of the rivers called as Bdote. Hike the steep path from the fort, leading you to the State Park.

Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

This free zoo is a home for many animals including, primates, polar bears, aquatic animals. Other popular spots worth visiting: Marjorie McNeely Conservatory, Como Town Amusement Park, Como Ordway Memorial Japanese Garden