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13 Splendid Waterfalls in Tennessee!

Swarali Jambhale Aug 7, 2019
Amidst its mountainous magnificence and just music, Tennessee harbors more than 325 waterfalls, some tender trickles and some gushy cascades! Plan a waterfall trip and journey down some of these cascades!

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Fall Creek Falls

At 256 feet, it is the largest cascade in Tennessee, known as the highest free-leaping torrent east of the Rocky Mountains!

Cummins Falls

The 75-foot cascade ranks 8th for the largest volume in Tennessee, merging into one of the top 10 swimming holes in the US!

Burgess Falls

4 waterfalls taking 250-foot cascade from the top to the bottom is what Burgess Falls is all about!

Grotto Falls

Get there early in the morning and fall in love with this 25-foot tall cascade! The 3-mile scenic trek is worth every drop of sweat!

Ruby Falls

A 30 million years old 145-foot torrent within the Lookout Mountain, now is the tallest underground waterfall open to public!

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Foster Falls

A 60-foot straight plunge down into a swimming hole, it is one of the most imposing waterfalls in the southeastern Tennessee!

Twin Falls

The largest of all waterfalls in the Rock Island State Park boasts of an 80-foot fall!

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Cane Creek Cascades

Proud of its 45-foot cascades and expanse, the torrent offers a peaceful hike up to the falls!

Buckeye Falls

The highest waterfall in the east of Mississippi falls has its height uncertain! But remember this journey is for adept trekkers!

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Ozone Falls

Taking 43 acres of the Ozone Falls State Park, the 110-feet plunge is the state’s most heavily visited waterfall!

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Virgin Falls

The 110-foot Virgin Fall, the most beautiful natural attraction of White County land ranges over 1,150 acres!

Carmac Falls

The 90-feet tall diving torrent is located on the private property of Evins Mill, a resort. Be a guest of this resort to make memories here!

Abrams Falls

The humongous volume of this 20-feet high cascade covers up for its height! The deep pool where the falls mingle, is the most enjoyed!