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3 Incredible Train Vacations Across America

Cheryl Hearts Jul 29, 2019
Can you imagine that less than a century ago traveling by train was the most luxurious way of transportation? Today, if you want to travel somewhere, even to another country (if these countries are not separated by the ocean), you can use your car. Well, you bought it for a reason, right? But if it takes days to ride and you are alone.
So it's easier to buy an airplane ticket. Just wait several hours after the plane took off and you are at the desired destination port.

Analyzing this, what is the most important thing for travelers? The ability to get to the destination point as quick as possible! It is obvious that everyone wants to check in to the hotel and start exploring sites.
Someone desires to jump into a swimming suit/bikini and begin getting sunburned near the hotel pool. But they can't even imagine how much they are missing out! Imagine a long and relaxing trip on a train. Sounds unbelievable, but American railroads can offer you that. The sound that a train produces is rather relaxing.
You can see all those beautiful sites and landscapes from your window. You can take a friend or your significant other with you and have the time of your life. It can take a full 24-hour ride to get to the destination point, but it's a part of a very positive travel experience. Here, we will reveal 3 incredible train vacations across the US.
Cheryl Hearts, blogger at Cherylhearts.com says: "If you decide to try this traveling idea, you won't regret it. It's not necessary to travel on a train several days in a row without making a stop, but you might want to have time to enjoy the views. You can take a ride that takes 4 days, but you might want to plan a path where you can take a stopover."
You can travel with two or three stopovers, so that you can explore some interesting sites and stretch your legs a bit.

San Francisco - Salt Lake City

While you ride on a train, you will have the opportunity to enjoy incredible coastal views. You will be impressed since sometimes it will seem as if the water is a foot from the train. When you move further, you will be enjoying other views, such as beautiful forests and mountains, etc.
Some trains have special railway carriages with panorama windows so that passengers can enjoy the views. Sometimes when you buy a ticket on the train, you receive additional service, such as expert live commentary of the scenery. You can find out more about the history of this region while observing marvelous views.
When you will be moving across the Sierra Nevada, you'll suddenly find yourself in a Winter Wonderland since the temperature drops deliberately in the mountains. Several hours later you will find yourself in the middle of the desert – that's incredible! A few hours later, you'll arrive at Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City - Denver

The path from Utah to Colorado might be the most fascinating, spectacular and unforgettable train rides not only in the US but overall in the world. While traveling, you will have the opportunity to observe the Wild West. If you like TV-shows and movies about the Wild West, you will enjoy this ride. You will also have a glimpse of spectacular Book Cliffs.
As you travel, you will be able to observe California Zephyr, then famous Rocky Mountains. You'll be riding across spectacular Colorado Canyons. The route through Colorado follows the path of a Colorado River.
And here's when you might be able to see the traditional manner of rafters to greet passengers of any train by "mooning". When you arrive in Denver, you might want to stay a bit longer to explore those beautiful sites.

Denver - Chicago

It takes around 19 hours to travel from Denver to Chicago. There is one particular attraction, which is the reason why people go to Chicago – Chicago Union Station. The interior of the station is something that you want to explore and take pictures. It's a historical landmark and you definitely need to see it.
If you are a fan of gangster movies, you probably have seen "The Untouchables" - one of the scenes was filmed in this station. The city itself is very beautiful so you might want to spend some time here before returning home or proceeding with your journey. You should visit John Hancock Tower but try to visit it at sunset or sunrise – the view is fantastic.
If you try traveling by train once, you won't be using airplanes as a means to travel within the USA. Traveling by planes is reasonable when you can't reach the country by train. But when you have the opportunity to see all these beautiful sites, it feels unreasonable to buy an airplane ticket.