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5 Best Things to Do in Castle Island, Boston

Deepa Kartha Jul 17, 2019
Located in South Boston, along the shore of Boston Harbor, Castle Island holds huge historical significance. Today, a 22-acre recreation site, Castle Island offers lot of interesting things to visitors. It is connected to the mainland by a bridge constructed in 1928, making it possible for people to visit the island by foot or any means of transport.

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Tour Fort Independence

Fort Independence is the most prominent landmark and state park of Castle Island.
Originally built in 1632 by the British, the fort was rebuilt several times. After its rehabilitation in 1692, it was named Castle William.
After the exit of the British, the fort degenerated but was reconstructed. The currently existing granite fort was built between 1833 and 1851.

Fort Independence played an important role during several wars, including Civil War, Spanish-American War and both the World Wars. Free tours are also conducted here, every week.

Walk at Leisure

While Fort Independence is the most prominent feature of Castle Island, several people, especially locals, visit the place to enjoy a leisurely walk on the 2.2-mile circular boardwalk along the ocean.
The route is well paved and is ideal for kids, adults and even four legged friends. Rollerblading and biking are also popular here.
You can enjoy both the sights of Boston Harbor as well as the ocean during your walk. With the Logan airport located close to the island, sightings of aircrafts taking off and landing are quite frequent too.

Relax at the Beach

Being an island, it is not surprising that Castle Island is home to beaches. The sandy beaches of the island are interconnected and perfect for swimming. The most popular is Pleasure Beach, which paves way to Pleasure Bay, an artificial pond.
M Street Beach and Carson Beach are also great for lounging on the sand and doing nothing. Apart from swimming, these beaches are great for fishing as well. You may find a few where you can indulge in surfing, if weather conditions are perfect.

Enjoy a Picnic

Castle Island is the perfect place to have a picnic with family, especially your children.
The island is home to numerous parks, play areas, shaded areas, picnic tables, playgrounds, etc. You would find several suitable places to enjoy a picnic along with beautiful views of the harbor.

Have a Snack at Sullivan's Castle Island

Opened in 1951 by Dan Sullivan, Sr., Sullivan's Castle Island is nothing less than a famous landmark on the island.
The humble food stand was started to provide good quality food at reasonable rates and continues to do so. You cannot return from Castle Island without trying Sullivan's mouth-watering burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, seafood and desserts.