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5 Best Things to Do In Manhattan Beach, California

Deepa Kartha Jun 12, 2019
In Southwest Los Angeles County, California, lies Manhattan Beach, a quaint beach-side city, which is known for its fabulous beaches and classy, million-dollar homes. It is the ultimate place to head to if you are in California and are looking for a fun, relaxing and laid-back holiday this summer.

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Walk along Manhattan Beach Pier

One of the main attractions of Manhattan Beach is the 928 feet long pier. It has been part of several Hollywood movies too. Restaurants and shops dot the entrance of the pier (built in the 1920's), but walk to the end to find a unique roundhouse with a red-roof. Enjoy the panoramic views of the ocean from here.
The roundhouse building is home to the Roundhouse Aquarium, which has more than 14 oceanic tanks that house 75 species of marine animals. Apart from this, it also has a wrap-around touch tank and two fresh water tanks. At the aquarium, you would get to see sharks, octopus, sea jellies, sea horses and much more.

Surf! Surf!

The beaches of Manhattan Beach are considered to be perfect for surfing. Moreover, the International Surf Festival is held here every summer. The fantastic waves of the sea would give you the chance to indulge in surfing, paddle-surfing and boogie-boarding.
If you are new to surfing, you can sign up for private surfing lessons before you start. You would find plenty of agencies that offer surfing lessons at Manhattan Beach.

Have Fun on the Beach

Even if surfing is not your thing, there are numerous things you can do to have a fun time on Manhattan Beach. You can have your daily dose of exercise by jogging or walking on the beach. There is also a separate path for those who want to indulge in blading, biking or skateboarding on the beach.
Take up a game of volleyball with a group of friends or people you meet at the beach, as you would find several volleyball courts near the Pier on the Manhattan Beach. Bruce's Beach offers a half-court for basketball along with many other recreational activities. All the beaches are perfect for relaxing, sunbathing and doing absolutely nothing.

Visit the Parks

When you are bored of the beach, there are several parks in Manhattan Beach that would keep you occupied. These are a must-see parks in Manhattan Beach if you are holidaying with kids.

The Sand Dune Park with its hundred feet high sand dunes gives you an amazing panoramic view of the entire city.
The best and the largest park in the area is the Polliwog Park, a refuge to migratory birds and the occasional wildlife. It is a popular venue for birthday parties, family get-together and anniversary parties. The park has a Rose Garden, beach cottages and play areas. The park also houses the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden, run by volunteers.
One of the oldest parks in Manhattan Beach, Live Oak Park has a dedicated toddler play area, six tennis courts, several picnic areas and large multi-use fields. There is also the AdventurePlex Park, which covers 16,000 square feet area and covers indoor playgrounds and open spaces to run around and indulge in physical play.

Enjoy the Food Scene

Food is one of the main highlights of going on a holiday for many of us, and Manhattan Beach would not disappoint. Right from breakfast to dinner, you can indulge in a variety of delicious food in this Californian city.
The best place for lunch is The Strand House, which is popular for its seafood, especially the Spicy Tuna Tempura, the Maine Lobster Roll and the Grilled Fish Tacos. Desert dishes of vanilla coconut tres leches and glazed donuts are mouth-watering. Also, the restaurant offers incredible views of the beach and the ocean.
A few other popular restaurants on Manhattan Beach are Love and Salt, Rock’N Fish, Simmzy's Pub, Manhattan Beach Post, Nick's Manhattan Beach and Two Guns Espresso. You can also join for a Manhattan Beach Food Tour, which includes wine tasting and treating yourself to an array of cuisines.