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5 Must Visit USA Travel Destinations for Sports Fans

USA has something for everyone and that's particularly true for sports fans.
Matt H May 11, 2019

A Sports Fan's Dream

The USA is a hugely popular tourist destination for people with all sorts of interests, thanks to its diversity and unique attractions found in each and every state. There are numerous 'must see' places to visit that offer something that fans of sports will love.
Here are 5 of the best...


Texas is the 2nd biggest state in the USA, in terms of area and population, and is famous for numerous things such as country music and rodeo. It's also known for being home of the most valuable (and arguably the biggest) sporting team in the world - the Dallas Cowboys. A trip to the AT&T Stadium is a must for any avid sports fan, even on a non-game day.


Chicago is probably best known amongst sports fans as being the home of the Chicago Bulls basketball team. It was during the 90s that the Bulls (with Michael Jordan a key figure), enjoyed their most successful period, helping to make the NBA popular worldwide. A trip to the Chicago Sports Museum should be on the itinerary of any sports fan visiting the area.


Indianapolis is the most populous city in the state of Indiana and home to the biggest motor racing venue in the whole world - the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This gigantic race track can hold 400,000 spectators and has seen numerous epic races over the years from various motor racing competitions, including Formula One and of course, the annual Indy 500.

New York

New York is a dream for sports fans. The city hosts the annual US Open at Flushing Meadows, which makes it one of the most desirable cities to visit for those who love watching tennis. Fans of baseball can visit the home of the world famous New York Yankees and followers of basketball can take a trip to Madison Square Gardens to see the New York Knicks.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas attracts tourists for all sorts of different reasons. Many come for the casinos and nightlife but a huge amount of visitors also come for major sporting events, most notably world title boxing contests. Vegas has seen some of the biggest bouts in the history of the sport, including the battle between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in 2015.

Experiencing the Magic

The United States of America has so much to offer for those who are crazy about sports. Getting tickets for some of the most popular sporting events may be tough, but there are plenty of other ways to experience the magic at these locations, such as stadium tours or trips to museums.

Sports and Much More

The USA is one of the most popular tourists destinations in the world, and whilst it has many points of interest for people who are followers of sport, it also has so much more to offer, no matter what interests you have. You won't truly realise how great this country is as a holiday destination until you get the chance to visit yourself!