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5 Things to Do on Tangier Island, Virginia

Jyoti Babel Sep 24, 2019
Tangier Island, a tiny island in the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia is located at about 90 miles southeast of Washington D.C. and 12 miles off the east coast of mainland. It is a remote island definitely ideal for a laid-back holiday!
1 mile wide and 3 miles long, Tangier Island is a cluster of islands separated by marshland and tidal ridges.

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Plan your holiday around the Must-Dos here and enjoy your time-off at this island, known as the ‘soft-shell crab capital' of the world!

1. Witness Unspoilt Views of the Sea

Visit the public beach of Tangier Island and bask in the beauty of nature! This, a quiet beach with white sand and a gentle surf, is an ideal place to spend some quiet time!

2. Visit Tangier Island History Museum

Understand the history of the island, its inhabitants and their unique language, its role in the 1812 war, and much more at the Tangier Island History Museum.

Don't forget to check the discovery voyage of John Smith - the first European explorer to the island and the 5-layered diorama of the island exhibiting its changing shape and size over the years.

3. Explore the Water Trails

The free kayaks and canoes for visitors at the Tangier Island History Museum are the best option to explore the water trails around the Tangier marshes with an interesting variety of waterfowl.

You can see pelicans, egrets, osprey, blue herons, rails and some varieties of ducks and geese.

4. Take the Watermen's Heritage Tour

Learn a thing or two about the soft shell crabbing industry. Apart from the Sunset Tours and Eco-Tours, the island also offers Watermen's Heritage Tours that tell about the 'How's of Crabbing & Oystering'!

5. Gorge on the Seafood

Introduce yourself to the best seafood delicacies of Tangier Island. The soft shell crab sandwiches are quite popular. You also must try crab bisque, steamed clams, shrimps and hot crab dip.

Trip Tips

Though the amenities are sparse on the island, you will find many locals offering golf cart tours to roam around the island.

You can also rent a bike or can even walk around on foot.
Cozy Bed-and-Breakfasts are the best option to stay, in case you want to spend more days here.

Visit Tangier Island between May and October and experience its beauty, lifestyle and culture in all its glory!