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6 Best Islands in Hawaii to Visit for a Tropical Vacation

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Jun 17, 2019
Planning a trip to Hawaii can be quite overwhelming. Of the few places that can be called paradise on Earth, Hawaii is one of them. The tropical flora, the uniqueness of the beaches, dramatic volcanic hotspot, these islands have every element that keeps the excitement alive in your vacation.

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The Main Hawaiian Islands:

1. Oʻahu

Nicknamed ‘The Gathering Place’ is the third-largest of the Hawaiian Islands. This island is known for the famous Waikiki Beach, which is almost man-made. The capital city, Honolulu is located on this island.
Pearl Harbor is also located on Oahu as well as USS Arizona Memorial. This island has top-notch restaurants, museums, historic sites, white sandy beaches, luxury resorts, lush green rainforests, the best-shaped waves to break at your surf spot and wild nightlife.

2. Hawaiʻi

Also called ‘The Big Island’, ‘Island of Hawaiʻi, or the Hawaiʻi Island, it is the largest and the southeasternmost Hawaiian island. This island has all kinds of terrains from the barren grasslands, lush jungle, lava fields, even snow-capped mountains. Hawaiʻi is best for travelers who love outdoor activities.
You can even explore the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and stargaze from the island’s highest peak at Mauna Kea. This island is great to go snorkeling with manta rays as well as spotting Hawaiian green sea turtles along the Kohala Coast.

3. Kauaʻi

Nicknamed ‘The Garden Island’, Kauai is geologically the oldest of main Hawaiian Islands. If you are looking forward to spending some time on a secluded island, hiking into nature, then Kauai is the place to vacay.
Hit the lovely Kalalau trail on the Na Pali coast and see the ‘Weeping Wall’ of Mount Waialeale. The beaches are incredible too and this island has kind of a romantic feel to it. As far as the weather is concerned, the rains are the only drawback of this wonderful island.

4. Maui

Nicknamed ‘The Valley Isle’, Maui is often said to be ‘Maui no ka oi’ meaning ‘Maui is the best’ by the locals. It has the perfect balance between the life of a big city and country life.
Maui is often the most preferred honeymoon destination. It is best for perennial visits and if adventure is on your mind then go hiking or biking on the Haleakala National Park trail. During winter, you can view the migration of humpback whales.

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The Smaller, Secluded Islands

5. Lānaʻi

Aptly nicknamed, 'The Pineapple Island', Lanai had island-wide pineapple plantations during the 20th century. Only a tiny fraction of the tourists visit this island and this makes it worth the visit.

6. Molokaʻi

Nicknamed ‘The Friendly Isle’, this island is known for its pineapple production, cattle ranching, and tourism. It tends to have even lesser tourists visiting than Lanai. The life at Molokai is slow and you can enjoy some 'me time' here.
Justifiably one of the best places on Earth, Hawaii tops the list to enjoy glorious sands, surfable waves, and catching a glimpse of the wintering whales. It is often a dream vacation for many who wish to dance along with the Hula dancers and leave with the ‘Aloha’ spirit.