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8 Best Things to Do in Anaheim Besides Disneyland

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Jun 25, 2019
Located in the heart of Southern California, Anaheim is one of the best vacation destinations in Orange County. It is home to sunny adventures, pristine beaches, as well as, the world-famous theme parks. Let the adventure begin with these best things to do in Anaheim besides Disneyland.

1. Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm is a world famous theme park that began as a small berry farm. It soon developed into a family theme park destination. It has the entertainment and attractions for all ages that includes Knott’s Berry Farm Theme Park, Knott’s Soak City Waterpark and Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel.

2. Anaheim Packing House

Established in 1919, renovated and opened in 2014, this 42,000 sq. foot gourmet food hall cannot be missed. It features 20+ artisan eateries, live music weekends and a large picnic area to have fun with your family and friends.

3. Adventure City

This amusement park located in Stanton is one of the smallest theme parks in California. However, it ranks high when it comes down to having fun and adventure with kids. It has an Adventure City Express Train, Children’s Theater, Petting Farm, and many other such attractions.

4. Oak Canyon Nature Center

This 58-acre natural park has hiking trails traversing through the remaining areas of oak woodland. You can even visit the John J. Collier Interpretive Center, a small museum with live animals and regional natural history exhibits.

5. Discovery Cube

The Discovery Science Foundation has been inspiring and educating young minds for 35 years. The Discovery Cube is the best place to visit and find science-based programs and activities for children as well as their educators.

6. Honda Center

The Honda Center is one of the main venues of sports and entertainment in the U.S. It was opened in 1993 and major sports events such as hockey, ice hockey, and basketball are hosted here. It has been host to many world-class concerts by The Rolling Stones, Maroon 5, and many more.

7. Pearson Park

Previously known as City Park, Pearson Park is the classic town square in Anaheim. This park was built to honor the Anaheim’s mayor (1945-1959). Enjoy free access to the Ball Park, an amphitheater, ponds, tennis courts, and swimming pools.

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If you want to taste some real adventure then head over to Flightdeck. It is a flight simulation center to experience the thrill of aerial maneuvers and air-to-air combat in an authentic military flight simulator.
Apart from these things to do in Anaheim, you could even try to catch a game of hockey or baseball as per season and try authentic cuisines from Middle East, Vietnam, India, etc.

You can visit the Orange County beaches, art galleries, etc. and continue your Anaheim vacation by whale watching, sport fishing, or just soaking in the beauty of the scenic views.