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7 Alluring Places to Visit in Long Island City

Rasshmie Salunkhay Jun 24, 2019
Long Island has witnessed a transition from an ageing industrial area to a high-end professional hub in New York state, yet it has preserved ample attractions worth visiting for travelers craving for a change.

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Queensboro Bridge

More than a century old, the Queensboro Bridge connects Queens to Manhattan and is listed among the most spectacular bridges in the country.

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Gantry Plaza State Park

A formerly jilted industrial area now proudly stands as a blooming riverfront along with an esplanade for those meandering walks.

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One can have a fulfilling gaze at Manhattan's illuminated skyline from this 12 acre oasis, that holds sprawling lawns, multi-game courts and a fishing area too.

Old Westbury Gardens

An enormous mansion built in 1906, Old Westbury is surrounded with gorgeous gardens, a shimmering river and a 'Charles 2' kind of architecture. It has a rich collection of English antiques and artifacts.

The Hamptons

The Hamptons sure comes under the most popular areas in Long Island City where the elite dwell. Along with a country-feel of Hamlets, it is a pronounced place for the 'Annual Hampton Classic Horse Show'.
You can spot celebrities at the blue beaches, rustic museums and posh restaurants here.

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Tagged as one of the ‘Top Surf Towns in the USA’, Montauk is a peaceful location that exudes serenity.

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The legendary Montauk Lighthouse, happens to be a landmark for numerous stories. In fact, Netflix's Original drama 'Stranger Things' is based on the real-life parallels of Montauk!

Shelter Island

Folks who love ferry-rides will enjoy this picturesque bout.
'Shelter Island ferry ride' is a fun ferry-ride around this tranquil island. Take a stroll on the beach or try the classic bike ride to explore the nearby gems like Mashomack Nature Preserve - a lush green conservatory built on 2,000 acres.

Duck Walk Vineyards

Producing a whooping 35,000 cases of wine per year, the Duck Walk Vineyards is a 140 acres scenic vinery, which produces wine made with Pinot Meunier, grapes and blueberries.