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7 Awesome Things to Do in South Florida

Bindu swetha Jul 5, 2019
South Florida, one of the popular natural landscapes, offers a mix of outdoor activities and famous attractions. From beachfront parks to museums and from botanical gardens to swimming with dolphins; South Florida offers it all!

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Explore Dry Tortugas National Park

If you are looking for a place to spend an entire day with your family then head straight to the Dry Tortugas National Park.

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From snorkeling to kayaking and from birdwatching to diving - the park offers it all. Don't forget to click pictures when a sea turtle passes by!

Swim with Dolphins at Miami Seaquarium

At the marine-themed entertainment park, you can swim with dolphins, learn about endangered water species and sea turtles alongside learning about penguins habitat.
With a total of 8 animal shows and 4 hours to enjoy the park, you will learn and enjoy at the same time at the park.

Visit the Town of Murals

Be ready to get surprised at every mile of your visit to Town of Murals! If the 40 mural buildings weren't enough to take your breath away, the sculptured trash containers spread across the town are equally fascinating.

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Airboat ride at the Everglades National Park

See the state's diverse wildlife at its best, at the Everglades National Park.
Take the airboat ride to take you across the swampy greenlands and observe the wildlife preserved in their natural habitat. Don't get scared if an alligator or two pops their head out while you are on the boat!

Visit the Ernest Hemingway House

Yes, you read it right, you will be able to see 40 six-toed cats at the Spanish Colonial home of Ernest Hemingway.
The cats are apparently descendants of the writer's former pet, Snow White. If you are a history buff, explore the author's home to know more about his interesting story.

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South Beach's Celebrity Spotting

All of us want to catch a glimpse of our favorite celebrity, and what better place to spot a few than the famous South Beach. You can enjoy the famous water activities at the beach while keeping an eye at the celebrities!

Calm your inner Zen at the Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens

After all the sight-seeing and hustling-bustling around the state, if you need to find peace, head straight to the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens.
The peaceful landscapes, trimmed gardens, year-round exhibits and festivals, will keep you engaged while at the garden.