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7 Best Beaches in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Jyoti Babel Aug 21, 2019
Located 17 miles east off the mainland of Puerto Rico; the island of Culebra is spread over about 10 square miles. It boasts of a pristine tropical landscapes and azure beaches that make for a rejuvenating getaway. Explore these best beaches in Culebra!

Flamenco Beach

Consistently listed among the best beaches not just in Puerto Rico, but in the world, no wonder Flamenco Beach is by far the most popular beach in Culebra.

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Shimmering turquoise water, a stretch of white sand, green hills along the shore make for a splendid sight. The beach is dotted with swimming and diving areas; there are kiosks selling food and drinks and beach amenities are plenty.

Zoni Beach

A perfect beach if you love taking long walks along the shore. Azure water, undulating shades of blue, scenic and secluded, Zoni Beach is a slice of paradise.
From late spring till early fall, the tides are low and it is the best time to enjoy this beach. However, there are no public amenities – pack everything you need on a beach when you come here.

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Tamarindo Beach

A rugged scenic beach with calm azure waters, the beauty of Tamarindo beach is under the water. If snorkeling is on your to-do list here, this is a great place for both beginners and experts.

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Being amidst sea turtles, manta rays and the coral reef is an amazing experience. Since the water here is calm, kayaking is also a popular activity to indulge in here.

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Melones Beach

If you want to laze on the beach enjoying the sight of Cayo Luis Peña as a backdrop, do stop by Melones beach. Time your visit to witness a spectacular sunset.
The beach has a rocky bottom, so it is not ideal for swimming but has some great snorkeling spots. There are no public amenities or food kiosks around, so bring everything you need.

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Carlos Rosario Beach

Just 20 minutes hike away from the parking lot of Flamenco Beach is one of the best beaches for snorkeling in the island – Carlos Rosario Beach.
It is a relatively a quiet beach, ideal if you want a break from the hustle and bustle at Flamenco. Enjoy the views of Cayo Luis Peña; indulge in snorkeling or simply lie down to sunbath and relax.

Brava Beach

If you are done lazing and sunbathing on the beach and are looking for a bit of adventure, Brava beach is the place to go. You need to go on a 30 minutes hike on a little-used trail overgrown with shrubs to reach here.
But the reward of the hike is worth it – you will be greeted by a stunning stretch of sea unspoiled by humans. Stroll along the shore for a memorable experience here. Swimming and snorkeling are not advisable as the water here is quite rough.

Tortuga Beach

Tortuga Beach (known as Turtle Beach) is located in Culebrita, a small island off the east coast of Culebra. Access its horseshoe-shaped shore with white sand and azure blue waters by a boat.
Enjoy a sunbath, swim, snorkel or a hike here. There are various trails leading to different places – the East Beach, West Beach, Tidal Pools or the Light House. There are no amenities on Tortuga Beach, so carry everything you would need on a beach.