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7 Best Lakefront Views in Milwaukee!

Swarali Jambhale Nov 29, 2019
A newcomer, a tourist or a local in Milwaukee? Whatever it may be, the true-to-reputation locals are ready with a lots of advises! But here, irrespective of how obedient you stay to their advises, you must make it to the lakefronts of the city! They're mesmerizing. Let's see some of the best ones here!!

Bay View Park

Take in the vistas of the downtown urban expanse from a distance. The tree-laden shore of Lake Michigan gives you a perfect outsider view of the Brew City!

South Shore Terrace Kitchen and Beer Garden

A glass of beer in one hand, snacks in the other, and about kids you just needn't bother! A great place to the South Shore Yacht Club with a top-notch playground to keep your kids busy!

Lakeshore State Park

Birders! Get your eyes ready to feast on double-crested cormorants and black-bellied plovers here! It's a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the downtown!

McKinley Marina

Into the Veteran's Park to the north, McKinley Marina gifts scenic views of the Milwaukee skyline with Milwaukee's rich culture of sailing...

Veteran's Park

A park bridging the lake to the city has to have the best lakefront view! If you are one who fantasizes about city downtowns, this is the best stop to view the Milwaukee Downtown!

Lake Park

The Northpoint Lighthouse! Here is the place from where you can sink into the views of the city and the lake, only if you climb to the top of the lighthouse!

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Shorewood Nature Preserve

A run away away from the city, the preserve, if you explore a bit, makes an excellent place to upbuild spooky stories! Let's get to the point....some series of trails here lead you to a lake which gives a superb lakefront view!