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7 Best Lakes in Arizona

Swarali Jambhale Sep 27, 2019

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With still surfaces and soft ripples, lakes are the most silent pools of water. They in themselves are serene and beautiful, therefore they are the best getaways to calm your mind and soul. Arizona may be a peaceful place as it is a home to 120 lakes!

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Canyon Lake

With a surface area of 950 acres, Canyon Lake is the smallest of the four lakes of the Salt River Project Lakes. A minimal entry fee is charged for the basic facilities at the lake. Also, this water body offers a variety of fish for fish lovers!

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Big Lake

The best fishing lake of White Mountains! With a surface area of 450 acres, the Big Lake has excellent climatic conditions - be it any season. Boating, kayaking, fishing, camping are good options to spend your day in the lake's tranquil environment.

Lake Pleasant

Flyboarding, sailing, wakeboarding, scuba diving and enjoying a cruise around the lake, just one visit may not be sufficient you think? The Lake Pleasant Regional Park is the best place to camp for the night and stargaze relishing into the serenity of the lake against the backdrop of the night skies of Arizona!

Bartlett Lake

A beautiful exhibit of spring wildflowers after the wet winters surrounded by the desert mountains is what the Bartlett Lake is known for! The lake proffers all the amenities for a perfect outing. Boating, fishing, hiking, camping or wildlife watching should be enough to experience the beauty of the lake!

Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu is one of the southernmost of the four large reservoirs on the Colorado River - formed by Parker Dam. It is popular for the ‘snowbirds’ in winters and the Lake Havasu City that sits on the east side of the lake!

Saguaro Lake

Located in the Tonto National Forest, Saguaro lake is named after the saguaro cactus. It is a fishing hole – famous for largemouth bass! You can also visit the Precision Marine- rent a boat, gorge at the Lakeshore Restaurant and take a Desert Belle detoxing boat ride around the lake!

Theodore Roosevelt Lake

A majestic waterway in a desert! Roosevelt Lake or Lake Roosevelt is the largest lake with a surface area of 21,493 acres and is the tallest masonry dam in the world! You can enjoy a dip in the lake if you are bored of fishing and boating. Camping by the lake and sinking into Arizona’s night sky is not a bad option too!
Some lakes owing their charisma to nature, others thanking their geologic luck, may make you forget the beaches and seas. Lakes are uniquely mesmerizing in their own way and are worth your time and visit!