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7 Best Things to Do in Greenville, SC

Maya Pillai Sep 4, 2019
Greenville in South Carolina is one of the favored tourist destinations in the US. It offers a host of outdoor activities for both its residents and visitors. Greenville has 39 city parks, trail system and many events ranging from concerts, food and art festivals and sporting competitions at national level.

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Picnic at Falls Park on the Reedy River

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The park is located at the heart of the Greenville downtown. Walking trails, picnic areas, lush gardens and waterfalls are the main attractions.

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Amazing stoneworks, sculptures and Liberty Bridge are the highlights here. The Swamp Rabbit Trail leads you to Cleveland Park. Carry a picnic basket to enjoy your lunch at the River Lodge or on the lawns.

Greenville County Museum of Art

Situated at Heritage Green in downtown, this museum is considered as one of the best art museums in the US. The highlight of the museum is that it primarily features the works of South American artists.
Works of Andrew Wyeth, an American artist is housed in the museum. It also showcases the Civil War sceneries.

Spend a day in Children's Upstate Museum

Get a feel of hands-on and interactive learning in a comfortable and safe environment.
An interactive exhibits and workshops are arranged by the museum to invoke curiosity in children.

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Visit TD Saturday Market

If you are weekend visitor in Greenville, enjoy the bustling Saturday market.
Apart from the fragrance of the fresh veggies, fruits and aromatic herbs, you can enjoy live music, and cooking demonstrations.
You can browse through the handcrafted jewelry and clothes.

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Visit the Greenville Zoo

Located in Cleveland Park, the zoo was founded in 1960. It houses a range of diverse habitats from African lions, Amur leopards to giraffes to domestic animals, reptiles, frogs, and snakes.
The zoo has walking and bicycle paths, several picnic sites, playgrounds, volleyball and tennis courts.

Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum for Baseball Lovers

The museum is dedicated to the most brilliant baseball player of all times, Joe Jackson. It houses a collection of photographs, artifacts, and memorabilia of Joe Jackson.

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The museum has the house number 356. It denotes the incredible batting average of Jackson.

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Hike at Caesars Head State Park

An hour drive from Greenville County, the park is a hiker's delight. It is a recreational park with many breathtaking vista, hiking trails and spectacular waterfalls.
The park offers activities such as mountain biking, hiking, climbing, fishing, and wildlife watching. There are picnicking areas where you can relax.
In summer, you get to see the migrant hawks and animals such as black bears, pergrine falcons and green salamander.