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7 Most Gorgeous Beaches in Alabama

Alabama is a vision of paradise for beach lovers! Vacationing on beaches in Alabama is worth the money spent.
Swarali Jambhale Sep 24, 2019

West Beach

Alabama’s best, the West Beach gives you a pleasing welcome with its sugar white sand fading in the turquoise blue water!

The beach is dotted with restaurants and private homes, so, May to October would suit the best for a West Beach vacation if privacy is the need.

Orange Beach

Orange beach is one of the most unique and gorgeous beaches on the Gulf of Mexico.

Stretching out in the sun under an umbrella while you watch turtles lay eggs (only from May to October though) can be a day well spent!

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Gulf State Park

The 6,500 acre state park is famed for its 2.5 mile long beautiful beach and surf fishing.

The beach is relaxing enough with natural sand dunes and sand oats that embellish the surroundings.

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Dauphin Island

14 miles of undisturbed land, unintended alternative for the busy beach towns in Florida, Dauphin Island beach is the perfect family vacation destination.
Guess what? You can get your pets along on your vacation here!

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Gulf Shores Main Public Beach

Gulf Shores, the quintessential of beach towns in Alabama, is just about powdered sugar sand beaches and water. 32 miles of magnificent beaches to select from, makes Gulf Shores one of the most popular beach destinations in Alabama!

Fort Morgan

A visit to Fort Morgan would be a pinch of education to your relaxation. This star-shaped peninsula offers a combination of a beach and a museum!
Lay your eyes on the endless water horizons on the three sides and relish into this enthralling vista.


A holiday unlike its conception need not be an exorbitant one, it can be a humble and silent one solely for gaining composure.

Fairhope with a crowd of artists and writers, offers three sandy beaches to its visitors with spectacular sunsets to add to the tranquility of the town.