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7 Things to Do in Syracuse, New York

Rasshmie Salunkhay Jul 6, 2019
This historic city is not only a well-preserved wonder, but offers miscellaneous flavours to its visitors, like sports, shopping, museums, parks and much more. Explore the remarkable activities of one of the most populous city of Upstate New York.

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Downtown Syracuse

The town is an excellent example of safeguarded historical monuments, and the Erie Canal Museum showcases the old town in detail.

Clinton Square

It has witnessed umpteen changes in its history of over 100 years. A huge number of New Yorkers gather here for events and festivals all year round.

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Destiny USA

Being one of the top malls in the US, this enthralling shopping and entertainment destination is a must in your list.

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Rosamond Gifford Zoo

With 2 exhibits - indoor and outdoor, this popular petting zoo houses vast number of creatures like giant Steller's Sea Eagles, wolves, Komodo dragons and even dolphins.

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Onondaga Lake Park

Pack a picnic lunch and head to this exciting lake park, which also has a beautiful beach to have fun with your family.

The Carrier Dome

Catch a basketball match at the country's largest and one-of-its-kind stadium on a college campus.

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Visit this great memorial, built to commemorate the lives of thousands who served in the Civil War.

Salt Museum

Syracuse is also called as Salt City and this museum justifies it. See for yourself how the salt industry worked before the 19th Century.