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8 Best Lakes in North Carolina

North Carolina is overflowing with some resplendent lakes! Let's see if some interest and compel you to visit!
Swarali Jambhale Dec 2, 2019

Lake Norman

The 2nd largest man-made lake in NC, Lake Norman makes you a fisherman as well as a boatman! Also, don’t forget, Birkdale Village is situated nearby which has loads of fun activities, especially on Fridays and Saturdays!

Jordan Lake

Did You Know!
If you’re boating on this Lake, you are hovering on a buried community of houses, farms and graveyards beneath you! Yes, Jordan lake is a reservoir made by humans in the wake of repeated floods that fated the end of many in the past!

Lake James

Situated in the mountains of Western NC, this lake is tagged as the most visited lake. It also boasts of being the filming site of the Daniel Day-Lewis movie The Last of the Mohicans and The Hunt for Red October.

High Rock Lake

Fishers! The state’s 2nd largest lake is a treat full of largemouth bass! High Rock Lake allows personal watercrafts. Good news! The lake doesn’t limit motor sizes so skiing and tubing is possible here!

Lake Glenville

If you are thinking about a place for an outing with your better half, here’s the answer! Glenville’s sits at the highest elevation of 3,942 ft in east Mississippi with 5 cascades around and a 26 miles shoreline!

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Badin Lake

World War II and Badin Lake have a mysterious connection! In a wartime tragedy, a World War II B-25 bomber crashed into the lake along with the pilots, and are still entombed at the bottom of this lake for more than 70 years now! Clearly this is why Badin Lake is famous.

Lake Wylie

Lake Wylie is not tiny! Located in 2 states, North as well as South Carolina, the lake has a whopping 325 miles shoreline! Fishing is just quality here!

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Lake Lure

You will fall in love with Lake Lure as much as the filmmakers did! 725 acres of serene beauty has starred in the 80’s iconic movie “Dirty Dancing” and five other films!