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8 Excellent Places for Whale Watching in California!

Swarali Jambhale Sep 3, 2019
Whale watching is one of the best things to do in California! Every year 20,000 gray whales migrate 6,000 miles between Alaska and Mexico. California’s fresh waters play the center stage to these mammals making whale watching a year-round fest!

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Monterey Bay

One of the best for whale watching in California and perhaps in the whole world, thanks to its cold mile deep canyon!

San Diego

By land or by sea, San Diego is also one of the best in California! Remember the months: Mid-December – April and mid-June to September.

Dana Point and Newport Beach

Southern California, boasts about having the largest congregation of Blue Whales in the world!

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Los Angeles

See the whales from anywhere off the coast. For a closer view, book a cruise in Long Beach or San Pedro.

San Francisco

January is the most whale-full month! 94% of migrating Pacific gray whales pass just miles from north of San Francisco!

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Channel Islands

Santa Barbara Channel is the most eventful for Whale-watching!


The Mendocino natives celebrate Mendocino Whale Festival to see the leviathans swim and dive!

Santa Cruz

Sardines, anchovies, and plankton make Santa Cruz whales’ favorite undersea dining areas! Clearly it is a prime spot for whale-watching!