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8 Exciting Things to Do in San Jose, California

The ‘Capital of Silicon Valley’ and the largest city in North California, San Jose is a thriving hive of history, mystery and technology!
Sonali Pimpale Jun 14, 2019

Meet Some Mummies at Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

For those who love all things Egyptian, and are devout fans of the iconic “The Mummy” movies, San Jose hosts the largest collection of age-old Egyptian relics on display in the West Coast at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum.
Established by the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC), the museum houses over 4,000 artifacts, sarcophagi, replica of a tomb, and a few mummies. Reflecting the Ancient Egyptian architectural style, the museum is wellspring of information on Egyptian history and religion.

Be Spooked at the Winchester Mystery House

Renovated from an eight-room farmhouse by Sarah Winchester, the eccentric heiress to Winchester rifle fortune, this imposing mansion is a famous historic landmark in San Jose.
Sarah believed herself to be hounded by the spirits of those killed by the rifles made by her late husband’s family.

To appease them, she never allowed the work for the mansion to be ceased, right from when the construction began in 1886, till the day she breathed her last, in 1922. If rumors are to be believed, it was a psychic that advised her to do so.
To mislead the vengeful spirits, Sarah had the house turned into a labyrinth of staircases and secret passages that rivals Hogwarts.

Watch where you step in this oddity of a mansion, for you might end up at dead ends on one of the staircases, or bang your head on a wall when you try to walk through a door!

Have a Tremulous Experience at Tech Interactive

In downtown San Jose, you will find a family-friendly, science and technology centre for curious minds, in the form of The Tech Interactive (The Tech).

Enjoy hands-on exhibits related to varied branches of science, catch a movie at the center’s IMAX Theater, and live out the frightening experience of ground shaking tremors in the earthquake simulator.

Splurge in Santana Row

If your inner shopaholic is dying to be let loose, there is no better place to release the kraken than Santana Row, a high-end shopping and residential district in West San Jose.

Shop till you drop in the area’s premier brand outlets, and gorge on mouthwatering delicacies in one of the many eateries, to sustain the shopping monster!

Seek Inner Peace at Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph

Constructed in 1877, Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph is the fifth manifestation of the original church, the San Jose de Guadalupe. Its predecessors were destroyed by earthquakes or fire.
Today, with exquisite domes and glass-stained windows, the basilica stands proud, and is a testimony of victory against the hard times it endured. Every year, tourists flock towards the basilica to marvel at its architectural beauty, and for the sense of calm it provides.

Explore the San Jose Museum of Art

Art lovers will find a treasure trove at the San Jose Museum of Art, which houses modern and contemporary exhibits of art from the 20th and 21st centuries. The forms of art range right from paintings and sculptures to photography and glasswork.

Get an Adrenaline Rush at California’s Great America

California’s Great America is San Jose’s theme park and water park, rolled into one. With stomach-clenching roller coaster rides, delightful performances, and watery fun, it promises thrill and entertainment for adults and kids alike.

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Tantalize Your Taste Buds at San Pedro Square Market

With all kinds of cuisines to satisfy any of your cravings, upbeat music, art and craft stores, and much more, San Pedro Square is a dreamland for ardent food lovers.
The bustling city in Silicon Valley holds many more treasures. Let your kids’ run free at the Children’s Discovery Museum, admire the striking City Hall, pay a visit to the San Jose University and soak in the tranquillity of the Japanese Friendship Garden.