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8 Fun Things to Do in Greenwich Village, New York

Maya Pillai Sep 19, 2019
Greenwich Village is located in the Lower Manhattan. It was the epicenter of the American Bohemia movement of the early 20th century. Greenwich Village has many interesting things to do, and sights to see.

Walk Along the Tree-Lined Streets

The streets of Greenwich Village are known for Jazz clubs, off-Broadway theaters and restaurants.

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Washington Square Park

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An iconic park that has witnessed many protests over issues ranging from equality to the gay rights movement to freedom of press.

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Oldest Living Italian-American Community

The roots of the oldest Italian-American community date back even before the American Civil war. Stroll around this neighborhood to get a taste of the best Italian Cuisine.

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Jazz Clubs for Music Lovers

The streets of Greenwich have many Jazz music clubs. You can also enjoy playing shuffleboards, pool tables, ping-pong tables and much more.

Off-Broadway Play for Theater Lovers

Include an off-Broadway play in your itinerary. You get to see some of the best off-Broadway plays in the small alleys of Greenwich.

Gay Liberation Monument

The monument is located at Christopher Street. The sculptures by George Segal depict the contemporary history of the US. The monument was opened to the public in 1992.

New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture

Opened in 1964, the Studio School caters to the budding artists by inviting some of the best contemporaries in this fields to give lectures.

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Visit the Homes of American Poets

Marianne Moore, EE Cummings, and Edna St. Vincent are some of the poets who lived in Greenwich Village. Stroll through their homes to get the gist of their lives.