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8 Gorgeous Gardens in Los Angeles to Explore

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Jul 10, 2019
Get a break from the urban frenzy by visiting some of the hidden green oases within Los Angeles. These lush green gorgeous gardens in Los Angeles will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated from your daily grind.

1. Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

This largest botanical garden has over 2000 types of native plants growing across 86 acres of this garden. This unique garden gives its visitors an extraordinary chance to see Californian plants growing in a natural habitat.

2. Exposition Park Rose Garden

This 7-acre historic Rose Garden was built in 1927. Do visit the garden from March to December and treat your eyes viewing over 20,000 roses of nearly 200 different rose varieties.

3. Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

This 120-acre botanical garden features 16 theme garden areas that include the Japanese Garden, Desert Garden, Australian Garden, California Garden, Ranch Garden, Children’s Garden, and others.

4. Nature Gardens

The Nature Gardens at the Natural History Museum has over 600 kinds of plants native to California and from around the world as well. It is the best place to bird-watch or look for different types of squirrels, lizards as well as butterflies. Many other interesting spots around the garden help you get close to nature.

5. Blue Ribbon Garden

This hidden gem on the rooftop of Walt Disney Concert Hall is the best place to view the Los Angeles Central Library, The Hollywood Sign, etc. You can enjoy a moment or two contemplating the beautiful architecture of the garden.

6. Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens at the Los Angeles Zoo has an impressive collection of intriguing specimen plants. These plants are either unusual or are distinctive species. The garden also features trees that double up as food-providing-plants for the animals and native gardens that represent the region's indigenous plants.

7. South Coast Botanic Garden

This treasure cove of nature was the first botanical garden to be built over a sanitary landfill. It is a masterpiece bursting with colors and different plant species as well as wildlife.

8. Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden

This 127-acre botanical garden includes a research center, greenhouses as well as many historical structures. This garden features the natural, historical, and horticultural resources for education and enjoyment.
Los Angeles is home to many botanical gardens, historical parks, and lush green gems. You need to discover these green spaces within L.A. and uncover nature’s bounty in these hidden oases.