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8 Interesting Things to Do in Coronado Island

Priya Johnson Aug 1, 2019
A peninsular island on the San Diego Bay, Coronado Island is a resort community, perfect for a weekend getaway. Nicknamed 'Crown City', Coronado is known for its gorgeous sandy beaches, legendary beach resort, picturesque scenery and so much more.

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View the Island on a Ferry Ride

Catch the ferry from San Diego and enjoy the scenic, 15-minute ride as you approach the island across the San Diego Bay. You can take a bicycle or sego on the ferry, which come in handy on the island.

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Downtown San Diego and The Big Bay from Coronado Island

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One of the island's most visited attraction, the Coronado Ferry Landing Park is loved for its stunning view of the San Diego skyline.
The shopping village, exquisite waterfront restaurants, weekend concert series, etc. keep visitors engaged.

Legendary Hotel Del Coronado

Renowned for multiple reasons, this beachfront resort happens to be the second largest wooden structure in the US. Since 1977, it's a National Historic Landmark.
When this legendary hotel opened in 1888, it was the largest resort hotel in the world. Its guest list includes iconic Presidents, celebrities, and other famous people.
The hotel hosts tours that take you through the history and classic Victorian architecture of this amazing hotel.

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Tour the Island on Wheels

Coronado is bike-friendly, with its 24-mile Bayshore Bikeway that runs past most of the major tourist attractions. You can rent a bicycle, electric bike or even a segway. A wonderful way to explore the place.

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Coronado Beaches

Coronado beach is touted as one of the best beaches in the country. Due to the presence of 'mica', the sand has a shiny, glistening look. The calmer waves and clean sand makes it an ideal place for one and all.

Coronado North Beach or Dog Beach

Coronado is also known for dog-friendly beaches, where dogs are allowed to roam leash free all year-round.

Gondola Cruise across Coronado Cays

Take a gondola cruise and watch the sunset in the background. However, the prices are steep, so check the rates before you decide.

Coronado Museum of History and Art

Learn all about the history of the island and its connection to the military and Navy, via interesting exhibits at this museum. Peruse through over 20,000 photographs and explore the culture of the land.