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8 Interesting Things to Do in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Priya Johnson Sep 17, 2019
One of the country's oldest cities, Portsmouth is New Hampshire’s only seaport. This waterfront city is full of exciting architecture, activities, and even food!

Prescott Park

This ten-acre, waterfront, public park is a wonderful place for photography and nature enthusiasts. The garden looks beautiful in every season.

Discover Portsmouth Center

This center is the one-stop place for all the information about the history and current happenings of the city. The trained staff will help you decipher how and when you should go about visiting the city.
Christmas is a month-long celebration in Portsmouth. It begins with the tree-lighting ceremony on December 1st, followed by the holiday parade and various other elaborate celebrations.

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Try Your Hand at Flying a Helicopter

While regular helicopter tours take you over the city, the Seacoast Helicopters Dream Flights Program takes it a step further.
Under the supervision of the licensed instructor, you can fly the helicopter all by yourself for 45 minutes.
A Cold War vessel, this research submarine was actually one of the fastest in the sea. Today, it’s been placed at Albacore Park and visitors can check out its exciting interiors.

USS Albacore: Submarine Tour

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Ocean View from the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

Open from late-May to mid-October on Sunday afternoons, this picturesque lighthouse is worth visiting for the ocean view it offers.

Portsmouth Harbor

Overlooking the scenic Piscataqua River, Portsmouth harbor is a lovely place to spend the evening strolling. You can also go on a boat tour and enjoy the view of the harbor from the waters. 
This 10-acre, open-air, living history museum comprises 37 historic buildings, interactive exhibits, and costumed staff who take you through a journey in time.

Strawbery Banke Museum

Portsmouth Brewery Taste Tour

When in Portsmouth, it’s a must to tour New Hampshire’s original craft brewery. During these taste tours you can treat yourself to some of the finest handcrafted beers.