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8 Intriguing Things to Do in Little Rock, Arkansas

Rasshmie Salunkhay Jul 2, 2019

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The city is equally endowed with urban beauty as it is blessed with natural charm.

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Arkansas State Capitol

Inspired by the Capitol in Washington, the Arkansas State Capitol's architecture is a piece of art, especially the cupola, which is covered in 24 karat gold leaf.

Riverfront Park

The park is famous for abundant outdoor activities. You'll also come across Le Petite Roche - the 'little rock' which is the namesake of the Little Rock city.

The Old Mill

A gorgeous recreation of a historic mill, it's surrounded with a scenic park, holding spectacular sculptures and was featured in the American classic - Gone With the Wind.

Clinton Library

A crucial part of the Clinton Presidential Center, it interestingly consists of a recreation of the Oval Office and the White House Cabinet Room with the exact decor and designs.

Big Dam Bridge

Gracefully spanning over River Arkansas, the enormous Big Dam Bridge allows entry to only cyclists and pedestrians.

Little Rock Zoo

Being the largest zoo in the state, the Little Rock Zoo houses around 750 exotic animals belonging to 200 different species.

Old State House of Arkansas

The original State Capitol of Arkansas, now a museum, portrays an illustrious Doric architecture outside and intricate artworks inside the museum.

Little Rock Central High School

Tour the historic Little Rock Central High School by reserving a ranger-led excursion to learn about the revolutionary events.