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8 Most Amazing Waterfalls in Oahu

Ishaan Govardhan Jun 3, 2019
Tucked away deep within the forest, these hidden gems have stunning sights in store for those who dare to venture beyond the beaches and other typical tourism hotspots of Oahu.

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Likeke Falls

If you can handle a little mud (OK, a LOT of mud), hike off the beaten path (off Pali Road) to discover the locals’ best kept secret – the idyllic Likeke Falls.

Manoa Falls

One of the tallest waterfalls in Oahu is just a short hike from Waikiki. Some spots along the trail that lead to this 150 ft waterfall, were used to shoot scenes from the film 'Jurassic Park' and the TV show ‘Lost’.

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Sacred Falls

This isolated waterfall is accessible by a risky, illegal hiking trail. Instead, rent a chopper and fly up to Sacred Falls, where water falls off a towering precipice, plummeting into the chasm.

Maunawili Falls

This quiet waterfall feeds a swimming hole that’s usually deep enough for cliff dives!

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Waimea Falls

Along an easy trail in the Waimea Valley’s lush botanical garden, you'll hear this phenomenal 45 ft waterfall cascading before you can see it. Oh, and feel free to splash about in the pool!

Lulumahu Falls

After a bug-infested hike (the harder the climb, the sweeter the reward) off the Pali Highway, this multi-tiered waterfall is a sight for sore eyes. Don’t forget to obtain the proper permits before visiting this one, though.

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Kapena Falls

Another filming location for the TV show Lost, the secluded Kapena Falls of Nu’uanu Valley are gushing with the forest's lifeblood.

Hamama Falls

A true hidden gem, Hamama isn't quite as famous a tourist destination as the other waterfalls on this list. So there's a chance you might have this pristine waterfall all to yourself!