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8 Most Beautiful Beaches in Connecticut!

Swarali Jambhale Jun 18, 2019
Fighting with the waves, laying on the sands supine and gazing at the bewitching nature, gives a real detox! Explore these beaches in Connecticut and give yourselves the much needed break!

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Hammonasset Beach State Park

Hammonasset beach is the largest shoreline park in Connecticut that offers 2 miles of beach with walking trails, concession stands and much more!

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Clinton Town Beach

One of Connecticut’s popular coastal spots, Clinton Town beach is a perfect getaway for family and pets!

Calf Pasture Beach

This beach has a park and a history to its name. The recreational activities and events make it a perfect choice for a day out on the beach!

Ocean Beach Park

Ocean Beach Park has been voted as one of the best by National Geographic! Isn’t that enough? It features an Olympic sized pool, half - mile beach boardwalk, playgrounds and places to eat! Still not enough!?

Hole-in-the-Wall Beach

Hole-in-the-Wall Beach is a part of 62 acres of McCook’s Point Park. The way to get there is from a short tunnel under the railroad tracks, so the name of the beach.

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Jennings Beach

The 27-acre site gifts stunning Long Island Sound vistas! With all what the tourists need, it has a Sand Castle playground for kids and a pavilion that hosts movie nights and special events!

Harveys Beach

Famed for its picturesque white sand, crystal clear water and mesmerizing sunsets, the beach carries the wave of tranquillity throughout as it is one of the silent beaches in the state!

Jacobs Beach

One of the pleasant beaches and Connecticut’s best-kept summer secret, the Jacobs beach is the place for a true detox! The 25-acre stretch of golden sand keeps no space for complaints!