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8 Things to Do in Kingston, New York

This vibrant city is rich in history and architecture. It was the state’s first capital.
Prachi Dharap Jul 1, 2019

Relax at the Forsyth Nature Centre

The nature park has 24 animal exhibits and 12 gardens, a lot to immerse yourself into nature.

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Hudson River Maritime Museum

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Stroll through the museum to experience the rich maritime heritage of Hudson river or take a boat trip to historic Rondout Lighthouse.

Old Dutch Church

Soak up the historic vibes in the first reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Kingston. It is one of the oldest existing congregations in the country organised since 1659.

Den of Marbletown

A quaint, family owned B&B offers a fun and cosy experience. It doubles up as a Steiff Teddy Bear Museum as a tribute to the German toy company. The exhibit also showcases other stuffed toys, dolls, and wooden toys. There is a coffee shop and a gift shop to unwind or buy souvenirs.

Trolley Museum of New York

Visit this permanent home to a large collection of trolley and subway cars in New York. You can also take the trolley ride to complete this cute adventure.

Kingston Farmers Market

Enjoy shopping for the natural and locally sourced produce - meat, vegetables, beer, honey, and much more. Or relish the baked goods and specialty foods with live music.

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Hudson River Cruises

Take one of the two-hour sightseeing tours leaving from Rondout, or charter a sailboat to see Kingston in a different way. You can also take sailing lessons.

Senate House

This historic site shows the Dutch way of life, which influenced Kingston in the 18th century. You can view the artefacts, furniture, portraits in the house. You will also learn about Kingston’s role in shaping the New York’s state government.
Visit the iconic blend of history and hip culture.