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8 Things to Do in Montauk, New York

Reshma Jirage Aug 30, 2019
Montauk is a census-designated place (CDP) known for beachcombing, fishing, surfing and kayaking. A major tourist destination in New York, several tourists from all over the world visit this magnificent Long Island hamlet to explore charming beaches, hiking trails and to taste sumptuous foods and wine.

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Montauk Point Lighthouse

The Montauk Point Light was the first lighthouse in New York. Also, it is fourth oldest active lighthouse in USA.
The visitors have to climb 137 steps to reach to top and can have stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean from the eastern point. The lighthouse also comprises a gift shop and a museum. The museum exhibits historical artifacts, documents and photographs.

Lake Montauk

It hasn’t been a lake since 1927; when Carl Fisher blasted a hole and allowed the seawater get in. Today, the lake has become a protected bay and Montauk’s main port.
It is home to the biggest sporting fish and commercial fleets in New York. There is Montauk Yacht Club, a casino and the Coast Guard Station on the small Star Island, located in the middle of the lake.

Camp Hero State Park

The park boasts undisturbed, diverse wildlife. Located at the eastern end of Long Island, it is surrounded by dense, marine forests along with freshwater wetlands. 

Navy Beach, Montauk

Located on the beach of Fort Pond Bay, Navy Beach Restaurant represents beach elegance and style. You can enjoy numerous varieties of seafood with clams, mussels, coconut milk, shrimp and bamboo rice along with extensive wines.

Montauk Point State Park

Montauk Point State Park offers the spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean with merging tides and awesome scenery. You can see native seals taking sunbaths on nearby rocks. There are several nature trails, which offer opportunity for hiking or cross-country skiing.

Ditch Plains Beach

It can be called as a paradise for those, who like surfing and other water sports. This scenic and untouched beach is often less crowded and serene. 

Hither Hills State Park

The park is known to offer entertainment for people of all ages. There are playing fields as well as picnic area with fireplaces. It is the best place for enjoying various activities like hunting, fishing, cross-country skiing, biking and bird watching. 

Shadmoor State Park

It’s a wonderful place for a perfect day out in the vicinity of natural wonders. Walking through the park provides stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Along with picnic spots, there are hiking trails and freshwater wetlands to explore vivid flora of the park.