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9 Amazing Things to Do in Islamorada

Priyadarshini Bopardikar Dec 4, 2019
Islamorada is a group of Islands present in the Florida Keys. It is regarded as one of the best romantic destination of Florida and sport fishing capital of the world. The place has exciting things to offer you like exploring scenic beauty at nature parks, prestigious art galleries, historic museums and lot more.

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Enjoy the Aquatic Animal Shows at the Sea Theatre

Sea Theatre does it sound exciting? Yes as the name goes, it is a center for entertainment, but beyond that, it is a home to a large variety of aquatic animals likes sharks, fishes, dolphins and many more. It would be a rejoicing treat for kids.

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Here 's a good chance for animal lovers as they can take a guided tour of Marine Mammal Park at Sea Theatre to spend some time with the sea lions, parrots and many other amazing creatures.

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Visit the Founders Park

Founders Park is known for its clean beach and an amazing pool to enjoy the iconic views of the sea. Couples can plan a romantic date here. With a nominal entry fee, you will have an experience of a life time.
Tennis lovers will find a spacious tennis court in the park. Rent the bats and enjoy the game. The park offers a number of kids-friendly rides too.

Admire the Collection at Old Road Gallery

Get some magnificent handmade pottery with beautiful designs. Shop for your loved ones from the huge collection of handmade bags, jewelry and artifacts.

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Apart from the art gallery, the place owns a beautiful garden with a variety of birds to welcome you. Call yourself lucky, if you come across beautiful peacocks.

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Windley Key Fossil Reef Geological State Park

This park is going to fascinate you with its fossilized coral in a limestone quarry. Get a handbook to study the trees and fossils on your way.

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You can also walk through the trails of the geological park to experience the tranquility.

Take a Sip at the Islamorada Brewery and Distillery Co

It is a welcome to all the Beer lovers who can choose from the tropical flavors, rum, gins available in a huge variety here. The place serves you some of the best snacks!

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Enjoy the Beauty via Sea Cruise

The sunset cruises in Islamorada are not to miss! On these luxurious cruises you get to relax and admire the beauty of the mighty Atlantic ocean. You may also find sea turtles and dolphins surfacing the water.

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Snorkel to Explore the Marine Life in Atlantic Ocean

You will be amazed to see the diverse marine life at the ocean. Do enter the ocean with guided supervision and proper costume.

Know the History at Florida Keys Discovery Center

Discovery Center is a museum cum book store. The first floor has unique collection of books from Stories of Upper Keys, Legends of Line to 1935 Labor Day Hurricane. Book and history lovers will simply fall in love with this place.

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The second floor of the Discovery center is a small library and movie theater presenting short movies on 1935 Labor Day Hurricane, Henry Flagler's Over-sea Railway. Do watch these beautiful movies.